standard PC Tattletale For Android Setup

Here is how to set up PC Tattletale for Android.  Keep in mind you need to have physical access to the device. PC Tattletale installs just like any other Android App.  Here is how to set up pcTattletale for Android in 3 simple steps:

  1. Make a free pctattletale account
  2. Install the android app
  3. View everything from the pcTattletale site using account from step 1.


Amazon Kindle Fire HD

If you want to put pcTattletale on an Amazon Kindle Fire HD.  Just click the image below for special instructions.



Make a free Account

If you do not have access to a computer then you can still install pcTattletale.  The first step is to head on over to the download page to get the PC Tattletale download links and make a free pcTattletale account:

pcTattletale Free Download


Next Pick “Account Overview” and “add Device”:


Get your Special Android download link.  This link is encoded with your account information and is unique to you:


You can text the link to the phone, email it to yourself, or just type it into the web browser.



Here is typing it into the web browser.  Notice Android will ask you to allow installing apps not in the Google Play Store:

Install the app and follow setup instructions:


Turn on permissions when you are asked.  You will need to restart pcTattletale from your home screen.

TIP: Some phones have removed Notification Access.  If you see a screen like the one below click here.



When you are done just press “Start Recording”.  pcTattletale will disappear and start recording the device.


Remove Android’s Pesky Cast Icon

With Android Naught (version 7+) and newer they will show an annoying “cast” icon that pcTattletale is running and recording your screen.  Follow these steps to remove it:

Android cast icon

Android 10 + Icons

With newer phones pcTattleatle can not remove its icon from the home screen.  Click the image below to see how to remove it if you have Android 10.


How To Remove Android 10 Icons





Samsung Phones – Computer Recommended

Samsung has modified Android.  It is highly recommend that you use your computer to install pcTattletale.  Just click the picture or link below to set up your Samsung phone with the help of your computer.

Samsung – Install Android with Computer

Huawei Phones Only – Disable Power Sensitive Apps

Huawei is a popular android manufacturer who has taken it upon themselves to modify android and add extra battery protection. If you have a Huawei phone just click the picture or link below to see how to configure it to leave pcTattletale alone.

Click Here to Fix pcTattletale Huawei Recording Problems

Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi Phones will not let pcTattletale restart when the phone is turned off and back on.  There are a few steps to allow pcTattletale to run on Xiaomi Phones.


Click Here to Configure your Xiaomi Phone



Alcatel Phones

Alcatel phones have bloatware that will break pcTattletale.  You will see pcTattletale stops working after a few hours.  To fix this use the Computer Install Method.  When you do this the Alcatel “smart Manger” app will be disabled and pcTattletale will run beautifully.



Viewing The Recordings

At this point you have pcTattletale installed and running.  Hopefully you have gone through some of the steps above to remove any pop warnings or notifications that might show up on the phone.

To see what was recorded just sign into your pcTattletale account from our website:

TIP: You can do this from a computer or any mobile device.

Here is what it should look like.  NOTE:  You should see a video of what you do on their device:


As you add more devices pcTattletale will list them out and you can see everything as it happens:




How to Remove pcTattletale for Android

To remove pcTattletale just follow the steps here: How to remove pcTattletale for Android