standard Motorola – How To Install pcTattletale

Are you looking to install pcTattletale on a Motorola phone?  If so then just watch the video below and use the screen shots as a guide.

Step 1: Get Custom Download Link

The first step is to sign into your pcTattletale account from your own phone.

Pick “account” and “Add Device”.  Then Choose “Android” like below:


pcTattletale will work better on the Motorola phone if you can plug it into a computer.  Since you are reading this article I will assume you do not have a computer.  So go ahead and pick the “no computer” option.



pcTattletale will make a custom QR code like the one below.  You will need this later to download pcTattletale on to the target Motorola phone.

Step 2: Load Target Motorola Phone

Now you need to get the target Motorola phone and unlock it.  Before you can load pcTattletale on the Motorola phone you need to turn off Google Play Protect.  Play Protect will block and remove pcTattletale.  It can be very pesky and persistent too!  So let’s turn it off.

First go into settings and pick “security”:


Then Pick “Google Play Protect”:

Click the cog (sprocket) at the upper right:

Turn off App Scanning:


Turn Off Google Play Notices

Now go back to the settings search screen.  This time type in “Google Play ”.  We need to turn off notifications of it will try to turn Google Play Protect back on!


Pick Google Play Store


Pick Notifications:

Turn off Notifications:

Go back to settings and pick “Google Play Services”:

Like before pick “notifications”:


Finally turn off Notifications:

Install pcTattletale

Now we can finally put pcTatltetale on the Motorola phone.  Start by using the builtin QR code reader.  Scan the code you made at the start of the article.  It should bevisible on your own phone (not the target Motorola phone).

Open the camera app on the Motorola phone:



Hold the phone up to the QR Code.  You should see a QR code jump to the bottom of the phone.  Click it to open up the download link!



Download and install pcTattletale:


Google Chrome might complain about not having “allow from unknown sources” turned on.  Let’s turn it on:

Turn on “Allow from Unknown Sources”:

Now you should be able to open pcTattletale.  The start up screen looks like this:

Press “Start Now” and begin granting the permissions needed by the app.

You will notice pcTattletale is called “Android” to better hide its identity.  For example you see it when turning on notification permissions:

Press the back button on the bottom of the phone get quicly get back to the pcTattletale app:


Now turn on Accessibility services.




As you continue through the setup there will be other permissions to set.  Just press “allow” for the “android” app.



Start Recording

Now with all the permissions granted you can have pcTattletale start recording the Motorola phone.


Setup Complete!

Now go back to your phone and press “Dashboard” from within the pcTattletale website.  You will see what is on the screen of the Motorola phone!