standard What Is A Keylogger?

what is a keyloggerwhat is a keylogger?  That is what I hope to answer for you in this short article.

Let me ask you, Ever wondered about what your employees or spouse are doing on their computers? Do you know you can track their computer activity easily with a keylogger?

What is a keylogger? It is monitoring software used for tracking every computer activity without the user knowing. The software program can record every activity carried out on a computer such as keystrokes, photos uploaded on Facebook, websites visited, chat conversations, files deleted and downloaded.

You can also use it to capture screenshots of every activity in real-time. If you are not available in real-time, you can playback the video captured to check every activity.

Most employers install keylogger software on their employees’ computers to track their activity and to find out if they are actually performing their tasks. Such employers can find out if their employees are proactive and productive in their work. When installed on a computer, the software runs hidden in the background and no one will even know.

Similarly, parents can use the monitoring software to monitor their children’s online activity and detect if they are involved in any illegal activity or cyber-bullying. If you discover that your spouse has been cyber-cheating on you, you can install the software on his computer to catch him red-handed by tracking his activity.

PC Tattletale: The Best Remote Keylogger

Although there are many keyloggers in the market, but, most of them are not reliable and they have poor functionalities. However, PC Tattletale is a reliable keylogger that will help you achieve your goals.

Besides being easy to use, the software has unique features such as remote tracking and video recording of computer activity. Unlike other keyloggers, it can easily capture screenshots of the activities to create an event video.

If you are looking for a great remote keylogger software that you can download free? PC Tattletale is the best choice for you. You can try PC Tattletale free download, it is easy to download and install.