standard What Is A Keylogger?

What is a Keylogger

If you are wondering what is a keylogger, you have come to the right place. A keylogger is used to record the keys struck on a keyboard, usually in a stealthy fashion so that the user does not realize that their actions are under surveillance.  There are lots of them on the market like the Spyrix keylogger or pcTattletale. A keylogger can consist of either hardware or software. Although keyloggers are sometimes used for illicit purposes, such as stealing confidential information, the programs are legal and have several legal uses. For instance, employers use them to ensure that their workers are not abusing computer privileges, parents use them to supervise their child’s internet use, law enforcement will use them to track and analyze incidents connected to personal computer usage, and they can also be used to research human to computer interaction.

How to Install a Keylogger on Your Computer

Installing a keylogger on your computer is easy. First, download the necessary software from the official site for the keylogger you are using. You may need to create an account prior to downloading the software. Once the software has finished downloading, you will need to install it. For most keyloggers, it will be necessary to sign on to the computer as the admin user in order to install the software.


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To download the software simply click the download link. When prompted, click the save button. After saving the file, click the run button in order to install your keylogger. You will then need to agree to the License Agreement. Click next to complete the installation. Finally, click finish and your keylogger should open up.

How to Detect a Keylogger

It is not always easy to find keyloggers on your system. There are a few signs to look for, these include: slowed web browsing performance, loading web pages or graphics result in an error screen, or your keystrokes do not display correctly on your screen or pause before appearing. To search for keyloggers on your system, perform the following steps: First, open Task Manager. This is done by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Task Manager from the menu. Once Task Manager is open, click on More Details to get a list of all programs running on your device. Look for any programs that are not familiar to you. To stop any process, select it by clicking on it and then click End task. If you do not know what a particular program is, right-click it and select Search online. While in Task Manager, go to the Startup tab to see which programs startup with your device. Look for unfamiliar or suspicious programs. To disable any program, select it and click Disable. Finally, be aware that keyloggers often hide from Task Manager. Therefore, it is a good idea to scan for malware and viruses with a reliable anti-malware program.

Best Key Loggers for Windows 10

Perhaps you are in the market for a keylogger and you are wondering what is the best one for windows 10. If that is the case then the following list will be of interest to you. Here are the best windows 10 keyloggers:

1. pcTattletale

There are several reasons why pcTattletale is the best. Here are some of the main reasons. You might have noticed that your web browser memorizes most of your passwords. This means that passwords are seldom actually typed. An ordinary keylogger will not capture these browser-remembered passwords.  It is why pcTattletale is considered one of the best remote keyloggers for Windows PCs. pcTattletale solves this by recording a video of the user’s activity. The keystrokes are recorded along with the video. When you watch the video you will see the keystrokes appear. pcTattletale also offers remote viewing. Just log into the pcTattletale website and you can view everything done on the device you are monitoring. Watch from another computer, tablet or smartphone. You can even install pcTattletale on a computer when you do not know the user’s login password. Simply create your own windows account on the device and install pcTattletale from there. You will be able to view everything that is done on any account on the device.

2. Spyrix Keylogger

If you want a fairly decent keylogger there is the Spyrix. Like pcTattletale, the Spyrix records the user’s keystrokes. Spyrix also allows you to view activity remotely. There is a significant difference in how Syrix records screenshots compared to pcTattletale. Spyrix is okay if all you want to do is get the user’s passwords. Aside from that, it does have a few interesting features such as setting word alerts to inform you of chats you might be interested in. To learn more check out my article on free Keylogger downloads. The Spyrix Pro version is available at a higher cost than pcTattletale.

3. Elite Keylogger

The Elite Keylogger is not new. This keylogger shares several features of the Spyrix. Unfortunately, neither the Elite nor the Spyrix can capture the same quality screenshot videos as the pcTattletale. Additionally, the Elite charges separately for each computer that you wish to monitor. If you have several computers, this could get expensive. The Elite is alright but if you are relying on plenty of screenshots so you can keep a close eye on what each user is doing, this keylogger is not adequate. Only its low price (so long as you only need it for one computer) keeps this keylogger on the top five list.

4. Wolfeye Keylogger

The Wolfeye keylogger is quite effective. The only drawback is that it has a complicated configuration. This could be intimidating to the average user. However, if you are a computer-wiz, you might like Wolfeye. This keylogger stores everything on the device itself. Hence, you will have to access the device to see the logs. That said, if you are concerned about keystrokes getting saved in the cloud then you may want the Wolfeye.

5. All in One Keylogger

Finally, there is the All in One Keylogger. This keylogger provides quite a bit of information about what the user does on the computer, however, it has some disadvantages. The All in One records the keystrokes but you can not view them remotely. You must be on the actual device in which the keylogger is installed. You can export the logs to view elsewhere, however, you cannot view user activity from your phone with the All in One. On the other hand, this is a benefit if you are concerned with keystrokes getting saved to the cloud. The All in One is available for a low price, making it a good choice if you are short on cash.

Best Remote Keylogger

These days in order to be the best, a keylogger must have a lot of capabilities. For starters, it has to do more than simply record keystrokes. Most people do not type much anymore. Many sites keep people signed in for convenience. Also, most web browsers save passwords and automatically fill them in. That is why a great keylogger must provide a complete picture of what the user is doing. Finally, the best remote keylogger for beginners must be totally undetectable to the individual who is being monitored.

How to Remove a Keylogger

To remove a keylogger, first, check to see if it is visible. If it shows up on the program list in the control panel, uninstall the program and run your anti-malware to clean off any remnants. For some keyloggers, the installer is used to uninstall the program. It is also possible to uninstall programs via the Settings menu. Again, run your anti-malware to remove any remaining remnants. Another method is to run Windows Defender while offline. It will be necessary to dive deep into settings. A few keylogger programs actively prevent removal. Search knowledgable computer forums to learn how to uninstall the program without wrecking your computer. If all else fails, consider backing up your files and reinstalling Windows.

What is a keylogger? It is the best way to keep an eye on your employees, your kid’s, or even your spouse’s online activities. Good keyloggers are invisible, come with a money-back guarantee, and allow for remote monitoring. The best keylogger is pcTattletale and you can try it here for free.



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