standard How to Catch Leaking of Company Information










Would you like to know what your employees do all day long? Are there reports, information or documents are being emailed through unsecured routes which can lead to the leakage of confidential & important documents? You can monitor your employees’ computer/laptop screen remotely in real time through PCs, Macs and mobile devices. pcTattletale allows you to log their keystrokes, e-mails and records conversations. It won’t even interfere with their productivity since it runs completely in stealth mode.


Employee Time Theft

Want to know if your employees are stealing time from your company?

Think that’s impossible? Think again. There is a way.

We’re going to show you how to catch employee stealing time from your company, on Windows 11.

The only app that secretly lets you see everything they do right from your cell phone. It records multiple monitors, so watch employees without them knowing! Catch employee time theft with ease and peace of mind!


Knowledge is power. Knowing exactly what employees are doing when they’re supposed to be working can improve your business’s bottom line. But if you have suspicions but no proof, it can be hard to get the proof you need—until now. pcTattletale lets you see exactly what your employees are doing. They’ll never know you’re watching, and you’ll get a crystal clear picture of what’s really going on in the trenches.



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