standard Keylogger Free Download For PC Tattletale

keylogger free downloadWant a keylogger free download?  This article shows you how.  Nowadays, many people carry out their daily activities through the internet. As a business owner, it is important to monitor your employees’ activity. This will allow you to know if they are watching inappropriate videos or playing video games when they are supposed to be working.

If you have suspicions about your spouse’s or child’s online activities, you need to monitor their computer or mobile devices with PC Tattletale.

How does PC Tattletale Work?

When PC Tattletale is installed on the computer you want to monitor, it covertly records of all the keystrokes as they are being typed. See how to set up a keylogger here. It records online searches, monitors social networking, and tracks almost every other activity. One of its dynamic features lies in its ability to make videos by capturing every screen activity. This provides you with a real-time surveillance.

PC Tattletale: Keylogger Free Download

If you are looking for an efficient keylogger with a free download for your computer then PC Tattletale is the best option for you.  There are other ones too like the Refog keylogger.  It combines all the monitoring and surveillance features you need in one place. Furthermore it has advanced features which enable it to work on all computers and Android devices.

Easy to Use

PC Tattletale is extremely easy to use and can be installed on a computer or Android device within a few seconds. In addition, the software has a simple user interface which enables you to track every activity you require. With this ease of usage, a non-technical user can easily use the software.

Remote Access

With remote access, you can get all the logs and other data by logging into the PC Tattletale members page. Therefore, you can view the logs, playback the screenshots captured in a form of YouTube Video via a web server. You don’t need to pay a private investigator to help you track the computer activity. Hence, you should try PC Tattletale free download today.