standard How To Catch An Employee Stealing From Your Company

Do you suspect one of your employees is stealing from your company?  If so you are not alone.  Employee theft is quite common.  After the 2020 pandemic working from home is more popular than ever.  New trends like “quite quitting” have emerged.   As an employer you need more than ever to know what your employees are doing when they are working at home.


Check out these alarming statics:

Employee Theft Stastics

When you really dig down to employees stealing from your company they show up in two common forms.  The most common is stealing time from your company.  The second is more costly.  It is when the employee steals money from your company.  Let’s take a look at both.


Employees Stealing Time From Your Company

Maybe it is not surprising that stealing time from a company tops the list.  It is the most common way an employee can steal from your company. With more of our workforce working from home these days it is easy for employees to claim 8 hours of work.  How would you know?  These hours add up too.

Employees stealing time has never been easier.  As an employer you need a way to keep up with them and see that they are actually working and not stealing time from the company.


Employees Stealing Money From Company

Most people think stealing money from the company is your biggest risk.  It can be if that person has access to your company funds.  Consider this shocking static:



You will not go bankrupt from time theft.  But can go bankrupt from a key employee or business partner sucking the cash out of the company’s accounts.  Stealing money is less common but more severe for your company.  In fact 33% of business bankruptcies are caused by Employee (or business partner) theft.

How To Catch Employees Stealing

In the modern age most of this theft is online and easily trackable.  You just need a way to secretly track your employees.  Then you can catch your employees stealing money or stealing time.  It works for retailers and information business like Lawyers, accountants, architects, programmers, call centers, and more.  The list is almost endless.  Use hidden tracking software to catch your employees stealing.


Hidden Employee Monitoring

The good news is there an app that has helped companies just like yours for over 15 years.  That app is called pcTattletale.  pcTattletale is ideal for hidden Employee monitoring.  Although pcTattletale is considered a great windows keylogger,  it makes it easy for you as an employer to watch what your employees do on your company computers without them ever knowing.  pcTattletale is setup for employees monitoring and does than a simple keylogger like the refog keylogger for example.


Then you can easily catch them stealing time or stealing money from the company.  Let us take a look at how you can use Employee monitoring to catch the employee stealing from your company in 3 simple steps.


Step 1

The first step is to head on over to pcTattletale and get a business account.  The price is well worth what you will learn.  Consider how much it is costing you having employees stealing time or money from your company.  pcTattletale will literally pay for itself the very first day you use it.

Check out pcTattleale for Business Here

Step 2

Put the hidden or time clock agent on your company workstations.  Remember your company workstations are the company’s property.  You have every right to monitor the activities of your employees or business partner.



Hidden Agent

The pcTattletlae hidden agent always runs on the workstation.  They will not know it is recording them.  This is great for catching someone stealing MONEY from the company.  Watch them log into the bank account and make withdrawals or other creative money laundering schemes you probably do not know anything about.



Time Clock Agent

The pcTattletale time clock agent is a great fix for stealing time.  Simply have a meeting with your employees.  Explain the owner (or blame your CPA accountant) needs us all to start tracking our time.  Tell them you are building a culture of transparency and trust.  Of course you believe they are working and not stealing time so why would using a time clock be a big deal anyway?

Then each employee clocks in and self reports their work.  Not working?  Easily found with pcTattletale’s detailed screen recording capability


Keep A Close Eye on Employee Activity

You can keep an eye on all your employees from your own computer or smart phone.  Review everything they did to catch stealing money.  Look at the pcTattletale time clock report for big gaps of inactive time.  Notice in the screenshot below how you can see all your employees working at the same time.  You can even see how long they have been idle:

pcTattletale Employee Monitoring for your whole staff

As you can see there are two types of ways an employee can steal from the company.  pcTattletale provides and easy defense for business owners like yourself to rid their company of thieves.


Not sure if pcTattletale will work for you?

You can read more about how pcTattletale works for employee monitoring with this review.  But the best way to see if pcTattletale is a great fit for your company is to try it risk free.  Go sign up for free trial account below.  There is no credit card required:

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After you sign up for the free trial try both the time clock app and hidden agent on your own computer.  You will see how both apps can help find the employee who is stealing from your company.