standard Spector-Pro, What Happened to It?

spector-pro-what-happened-to-itOnce upon a time there was an online monitoring software tool called Spector-pro.  It was developed by a company called SpectorSoft. The software was once a household name.  But not any longer.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane as we look at Spector-Pro. The software was one of the most sophisticated online monitoring tools of it’s time. It was the front-runner for online monitoring software. This software covered all areas of monitoring and spy software every user requires.


Spector-Pro was capable of tracking activity on any type of PC.  It worked with several operation systems. The software was ideal for parents interested in tracking on their children’s activity online. Employers also used Spector-Pro to track their employee’s online activity and computer access. It was user-friendly, easy to use and install.

The Software had amazing features such as capturing keystrokes and tracking all activity on social networking.  It also captured websites visited logging all search engine activity.  SpectorPro tracked program activity for all programs on the computer providing playback of the recorded logs in video.  It  provided remote access to logs from any computer. The online monitoring tool also had the ability to log sessions of inactivity on a computer. Its interface was user-friendly and it was not easily detectable because it ran stealthily on a computer.

Similarities between PC Tattletale and Spector-pro

Spector-Pro is no longer available for use; but, PC Tattletale is here to stay. PC Tattletale offers much more than what Spector-pro had to offer. The most amazing feature of PC Tattletale is its ability to view all activity remotely on any computer.

When using PC Tattletale every page is captured in a screenshot which can be played back in a video.  Then you can view it at a later time. Undoubtedly, PC Tattletale is a software that covers every area of computer monitoring. Looking for an internet monitoring software that is easy to use? You should give PC Tattletale a try. You can try it 7 days free.