standard Spector-Pro, What Happened to It?

Are you looking for Spector-Pro? If so you probably are having a hard time finding it. The reason is the company that makes it called SpectorSoft no longer makes Spector-Pro. Let’s take a look at what the software did and why it was so popular. At the end of the article I will show you a great Spector-pro alternative called pcTattletale and why it is actually better than Spector-pro.

What you need to know is SpectorSoft changed their name to Veriato back in 2015. They decided to focus solely on corporate solutions. They no longer sell Spector-Pro and now sell products aimed for large corporations.

So what can you do if you are family or small business? Well as you will see at the end of this article pcTattletale may be the perfect alternative for you.



Spector-Pro Features

Spector Pro (Spector Professional) is an older computer monitoring software solution. It would record the following activities on any windows PC (or MAC):

  • Chat Conversations Transcripts
  • Emails sent/received
  • Websites Visited
  • Runs visibly or invisibly (Stealth)
  • Records keystrokes
  • Limited Website Blocking

Here are some screen shots of what Spector Pro looked like.  You can see there are different options and ways of viewing what it records:


The screen below shows how Spector-PRO was able to capture emails so you can read them:


Most people want the Spector Pro Keylogger function. They want to get passwords to sites like Facebook, Email accounts, and more. Spector Pro did a great job of this. The only drawback is it is not a Remote keylogger. This means you need to go back to their computer to see what was typed out.

Other Features That were Available

Help & Support

Email or Website Form
Free Trial Download
Phone Support
Live Chat
Free Upgrade Period – 12 Months
Licenses Included: 1

Monitoring Activities

Visited Websites
Online Searches
Usernames & Passwords
Keystroke Logging
Screenshot Logging
Applications Launched
Stealth Operation
Social Media Monitoring
Document Tracking
Scheduled Monitoring
Scheduled Screenshots
Sent & Received Email
Web-based Email
Email Attachments


User Specific
Local Reporting
Built-in Reports
Video-style Playback
Searchable Reports
Keyword Logging

Blocking & Controls

Hot Key Access / Password Protection
Remote Access
Website Blocking
Mobile Access
Scheduled Internet Blocking
Application Blocking
Scheduled Access to Computer
Keyword Blocking

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP
Mac OS

NOTE: Windows 10 is not support by Spector-PRO

Here is a good video of someone using Spector Pro so you can see how it worked:

Best Spector-Pro Alternative is pcTattletale

PcTattletale is the best Spector Professional alternative for a lot of reasons. What you need to know is pcTattletale does everything Spector Pro did and more. Let’s look at how they accomplish the same goals.

PcTattletale makes YouTube like videos of everything they do on their computer. You can watch them to see how they go on sites like Facebook.

Notice in the screen shot above how you can see everything they are doing. We also capture their keystrokes and put them right in the video. That when they type out their Facebook password you can see it.

Right below the video is a click chart. It shows you how active they are on the computer. This is great for seeing things like lots of late night computer activity on a school night!

PcTattletale was designed from the ground up to be a remote spy app and keylogger. This means once you put pcTattletale on their computer you do not need to go back to it to see what was done. Instead just sign into the pcTattletale website  and see everything they did.

"PCTattletale is a remote keylogger and spy app unlike Spector Pro 
you do not need to sit in the front of their computer to view activity"

Spector Pro lists out websites visited and chat conversations. But what happens when there is a new chat client like SnapChat? Spector Pro simply can’t record from newer services like this. But with pcTattletale’s approach you will always see everything. Why? Because we capture everything they are seeing on their screen (even if it is in private browsing mode).

PcTattletale Free Trial

Another big difference between Spector Pro and pcTattletale is that we let you try it out first. This proves to you that it really works and that you can put it on their computer without any problems. Here is how to get started with the free trial:

  1. Make a Free pcTattletale account here
  2. Download the Windows App
  3. View everything they do from

Make a Free pcTattletale account

Just head on over to the pcTattletale free download page. Enter your email and make a password. You will need this account to install the software and view their activity.

Next just download the Windows App. You can pick from the menu inside of pcTattletale or just use this link:

The good news is pcTattletale installs just like any other software app. There is nothing fancy to do:


When it is setup just sign in to the account you made:


When you do this the software will disappear. They wont’ find it and you won’t either.

That’s it! PcTattletale is now recording every keystrokes and click.

To see everything they do just sign into the pcTattletlale website:

Click Here to Sign into your account

Beyond PCs – Android/iPhone

In this day and age everyone uses mobile devices. It is just not good enough to only monitor their PC. PCTattletale lets you monitor at least 3 devices. This lets you put it on their Android Phone and an iPad for example. The software works similar for mobile devices too. You get them for free when you purchase pcTattletale.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase PcTattletale you are protected by our no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee… even if it is on the last day. We know pcTattletale will help you find out if your spouse is cheating on you. It will help you find out what kids are really doing on the computer. It will help you know what your employees do at their desks all day too.

If you have been looking for Spector Pro and are frusturated that you can’t get it anymore then give pcTattletale a try. You will find it is a better more up to date product with mobile capabilities and remote monitor that Spector Pro never offered.