standard Top 4 Employee Time Theft Punishments

Do you think one more of your employees is engaged in employee time theft?  If so then you are not crazy.  Employee time theft is the most common business losses.  This article will show the most common punishments for employee time theft as well as what you can do to prove they are stealing time.


Employee Time Theft Statistics

Look at the Infographic below.  The statistics on employee time theft are alarming.

Nearly 3 out of 4 business are affected by employee time theft.  Even worse it costs these businesses over $400 billion dollars in lost productivity each year.


Are you also affected?

Employee Time Theft with pcTattletale


Top 4 Employee Time Theft Punishments

Listed below are the top 4 employee time theft punishments.  If you think your employees are stealing from your company which ones would you consider using?

We surveyed over 1,000 pcTattletale employee monitoring customers and asked how they handle employees stealing time.  Here are their top 4 responses.


Most Likely to Get Laid Off First

Employers are most likely to get rid of employees they think are wasting time first.  Employees who steal time are usually not very motivated and even worse they will pull down the morale of the rest of the team.  When business gets slow most business owners are quick to let the time waters go first.


Not Picked for Promotion

It may not be too surprising that the opposite over getting rid of employees is not promoting them.  If you have to pick from two employees to be the team lead who would you pick?

The person who shows up early and stays late?  or the employee stealing time by taking long smoke breaks?

Consider what Marily Solis of Berkley, CA said:

“When picking a new office manager I look for someone who is highly motivated and honest.”

Docked Pay Punishment

When the employee time theft hits a boiling point docked pay is the next most sever form of employee time theft punishments.  Most of the time you are not letting people go or promoting them, but if the employee time theft is severe most employers will dock some or all the lost pay.  Keep in mind if you do this the employee will most likely perform even worse and resent you.

TIP:  If you are going to dock the employee’s pay have a conversation with them in private.  Do not call out their faults publicly.


Terminating Employment

This is the most Severe of the four.  Letting an employee go for time theft is the biggest punishment.  But it is also in most cases the best decision.  Why?

Low motivated employees almost never become “more motivated”

Other Employees will see this and it will become part of your culture

Honest Employees feel cheated

No employee stealing time is an “A” player.  You can only afford “A” Players.


How To Prove Employee Time Theft

So you think your employees are stealing time?  But how can know for sure and have proof?  How do you know if an Employee is stealing from your company? The good news is in the information age this has never been easier.  For employees that work in an office or behind a computer you can just use employee monitoring software like pcTattletale.

pcTattletale has helped thousands of business just like yours see everything your staff is doing on their workstations.  You can just pop in and see if they are working or not.  Everything is recorded for undeniable proof of their time theft.

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You can try pcTattletale for free.  Put it on their workstations and see for yourself how much time they are wasting and stealing from your company.  Once you have proof it is easy to turn them loose.