standard Spyrix Review 2021


Monitoring the internet to make certain children and families remain safe has become critical for 2020. Despite the best efforts of parents, children find a way around typical filtering programs and internet monitoring. The software was created to provide parents with a powerful solution for safety. Although I found Spyrix an acceptable solution, I do not believe it is the best option available.

The software is used for taking screenshots and recording keystrokes pertaining to specific events such as URL changes and clipboard. Content can also be recorded from the clipboard. The Windows administrator has access to the reports, sorted and organized according to keywords, date and column names. The wizard enables the user to monitor only desired users. A password is used for the protection of interface access.

The Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix Free Keylogger


The software enables the user to track all keystrokes typed. The user will be aware of everything that has been typed on the computer. The software provides the user with the passwords used by children for numerous activities including email and social media. The user can have screenshots generated at predetermined intervals to see what is occurring on the computer. This ensures the computer is being used appropriately.

Spyrix Social Media Spying

The Spyrix keylogger can be used for tracking conversations children are having online. The user can make certain children are not participating in risky or inappropriate behavior while online. Parents can detect cyber-bullying by keeping track of what is being said in conversations taking place between their children and their friends.

The Spyrix keylogger is a free software enabling remote computer monitoring. The user can use the software free on a computer for an indefinite period of time. Programs can be uninstalled and settings changed without direct access to the computer. This is because the software enables free remote monitoring from the cloud. The software also enables remote log delivery to FTP, DropBox, Google Drive and email.


Spyrix software interface


The spyrix software interface is capable of supporting 12 languages. The features included in the free program provides a variety of features intended for personal use. The keylogger will record and monitor every installed program and application running on the computer, screenshots are taken of every active window, removable drive including SSD, HDD and USB and printer, keystrokes are recorded and clipboards are monitored.

Parental Help

The software provides parents with complete control over the activities of all users. This includes any online website activity, online chats and Google searches. Control is provided through a combination of text and screenshots. The Spyrix keylogger offers parents the option of activating the software for free to use different features including hidden monitoring.

Parents can monitor Facebook, Skype, Viber, websites visited, Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram. The software also enables URL recording and tracking, microphone and webcam recordings, a site blocker and a lot more. The keylogger has the same capabilities as some of the paid programs currently available on the market. The software is not obvious, and is unable to be detected using antivirus software.

According to the manufacturer, the software is an ideal solution for both personal computer security and parental control. The software helps protect children from potentially dangerous information located on the web. The software also eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to the computer.

Spyrix Spying Monitoring

Spyrix box shotThere is a fine line between employers and parents using tracking apps for spying and monitoring. The software claims to have been designed for use as a tracking app for children as opposed to employers spying on their employees. It is important to state the definition of spying is questionable both ethically and legally. To begin using software, the user must install the software on a computer.

There are benefits to using the software. Since the software is free, parents will not have to worry about the expense of monitoring the computer activities of their children. The software can also be used in conjunction with other services currently being used for monitoring and filtering the internet. Parents can easily determine if their children have found a way around controls established for computer use.

The Cons of Spyrix

There are several cons pertaining to the software. Despite manufacturer claims it is undetectable by antivirus software, it can be flagged as something malicious. There are also substantial ethical and privacy concerns regarding installing software on a computer capable of tracking everything the users are typing. These factors may or may not be a concern for the parents. Remember you can always try out these free keylogger downloads.  There are other options available.

The biggest issues with the software are it does not directly stop children from viewing or participating in inappropriate or illicit content or implement any type of filtering process. For these reasons, I do not believe the software is the best possible option for controlling access to the web for children or as a critical line of defense. You can also check out the best keyloggers that really work.  Yes, the software is good, but I believe pcTattletale is a better option.

pcTattletale A Better Alternative to Spyrix?

Spyrix pcTattletale screen recording comparedThe pcTattletale software was created specifically for the monitoring requirements of parents.  It is computer monitoring software that really works. Safety is not compromised by the software. The software includes numerous important factors for a solution to monitoring as opposed to using spy app software. The pcTattletale software has become the most popular alternative for spy apps. The software provides a solution for video monitoring everything occurring on the computer screen.

Parents are not limited to monitoring certain types of files or apps. Everything being communicated or accessed can be determined through movement and tracking clicks. No matter which apps children are viewing or installing, the software ensures continuous monitoring activity. pcTattletale is also equipped with GPS tracking. Users can install the software on all Windows devices from XP to 10.

The software can also be installed on iOS five through nine and Android without the necessity of rooting the device. The software runs in the background securely and safely. A smartphone or computer can be used to remotely monitor activity. One of the most important concerns of pcTattletale is safety and data privacy. The software services have been perfected for a period of 15 years. Users can use SSL and AES encryption to store data through a secure environment in the cloud.



pcTattletale Available Packages

There are fourpcTattletale vs Spyrix screen shot pcTattletale packages available for purchase in addition to a free trial enabling users to determine the benefits absolutely risk-free. The packages available are:

• The price of the Family Basic plan is $99 per year. Users can install the software on one to three devices. Recorded data can be stored for a maximum of seven days.

• The price of the Family Plus plan is $149 per year. Users can install the software on one to three devices. Recorded data can be stored for a maximum of 30 days.

• The first Business plan is Small Office. The price is $199 per year. Users can install the software on a maximum of seven devices. Recorded data can be stored for a maximum of 30 days.

• The Business plan is $399 per year. Users can install the software on a maximum of 15 devices. Recorded data can be stored for a maximum of 365 days.

pcTattletale – Recognized and Honest Software

Unlike Spyrix pcTattletale is not a spy app. The software has received recognition from Softpedia, PC Mag and CNET. Plus it  was created and marketed honestly. pcTattletale promotes a healthier approach for parents as opposed to spying on their children. Parents can effectively use the software as a place to start talking to children about cyber-bullying and safety on the internet.

The software is intended to help employers increase productivity by managing employees correctly and responsively. According to this review, pcTattletale is the clear choice.