standard Refog Keylogger review for 2022

Are you looking for a reliable Refog Keylogger review?  If so look no further.  In this short article I will let you know everything you need to make a good decision about the refog keylogger.  If you don’t want to read this article then just watch my video version above.

refrog keylogger review

Refog Keylogger Review – Overview

The refog keylogger is a keylogger that runs on Windows and MAC computers.  You need physical access to the machines to install this app.  Once on their computer it will log all their keystrokes.  Then you can view them from a remote location if you want.


How To Install the Refog Keylogger

Installing the refog keylogger is easy.  It installs just like any other app you would put on the computer.  There are no special skills needed.  What you do need to know is that….

“You will need physical access to the computer to install Refog Keylogger”

Over at pcTattletale I get asked all the time if you can send them an email and slip a keylogger like pcTattletale or the Refog keylogger on their computer.  Sure it is possible but do you really want that?

I thought about putting this into pcTattletale and realized what kinds of problems it would cause.  Let’s say someone signed up for the free trial.  Then they spammed out links to hundreds of strangers.  Just hoping someone would install the keylogger.  It would be a night mere.  People’s computers would be hacked all over the place.

Microsoft and Apple would have little choice but to add the Refog keylogger (or pcTattletale) to their malware list.  Then the app will not work easily anymore.

So that is why I decided not let pcTattletale be installed remotely.  The guys over at the Refog keylogger team must be thinking the same thing.  That is why in my Refog Keylogger review I do not think it is a big deal that you need physical access to their computer.

The good news is once you have access either pcTattletale or the Refog keylogger is easy to install.

“Want to try the pcTattletale keylogger Free?  Click button below”




Refog Keylogger Recording Abilities

The Refog keylogger reminds me of the old pcTattletale.  It will log all their keystrokes and do a little more.

Refog’s keystroke recording is pretty good.  I would say it is equal to what I can do with pcTattletale.  One thing the Refog keylogger does that pcTattletale does not do yet is run on a MAC.  So if you are using a MAC the Refog keylogger may be a good deal for you.

refrog keylogger review

But keystrokes are not enough!

Think about how many websites already know your password.  Just try to head on over to facebook right now.  Did it already know your password?

That is the big let down I hear with pcTattletale and apps like the Refog keylogger.  People just do not type in a lot of passwords these days.  You need something more.


Refog Keylogger Additional Recordings

In my Refog Keylogger review I want to show you the other things it can record for the reasons I listed above.  I said that the Refog keylogger reminds me of an older pcTattletale.  Here is why.

Refog will show you all the website URLs they went to.

This is great until they use invisible browsing mode.  Then Refog can not get these websites.  With the newer pcTattletale it records their screen so you will still see where they went.

The refog keylogger does this kind of thing a lot.  They do it with chat messages and social media:

refrog keylogger review

Again this seems great until they use a new social media site.  Keep in mind that the Refog keylogger can only record the social media sites it was programmed to record (like Facebook).  Another disadvantage to this approach is what happens when Facebook changes their website?  It will break the Refog keylogger.

Again this is not that big of a deal if you can easily get access to their computer again to update the refog keylogger software regularly.

pcTattletale A Different Keylogger Approach

With pcTattletale I saw the short comings of keyloggers like the refog keylogger years ago.  You can read more from the pcTattletale Reviews I got about it.  There were simply too many new web browsers and social media sites to keep up with.  Instead pcTattletale now makes YouTube like videos of them using the computer.  That way you can see everything they do no matter what:



Refog  Remote Monitoring

I looked at the Refog keylogger and their remote monitoring looks like something that was added after the fact.  I talk about it more in my top 3 best keylogger reviews.  It will sync up with their website but not very quickly.  You will need to wait a few minutes for the website to “see” the keystrokes they typed in.

refrog keylogger control panel

Now you might not like the Refog keylogger storing passwords in the cloud.  For this reason they give you the option to store all those keystrokes on the computer itself.  Then you can just enter a secret key combination to open the hidden refog keylogger app and see all their keystrokes and passwords.


Refog Keylogger For Mobile Devices

Sadly the refog keylogger does not work for iPhone or Android.  I am honestly not that surprised.  As I said in other articles there are no good iPhone spying apps that still work.  So I would not expect to see the Refog keylogger work for iPhone.  But there are lot of good Android spying apps (like pcTattletale).

The refog keylogger only works on Computers not phones or tablets.  You can try the free keylogger download for pcTattletale.  For that I would have you check out pcTattletale.  pcTattletale is able to make the same YouTube like videos of that they do on their Android phone or tablet:






Since the Refog keylogger is at its heart a keylogger this does not surprise me that it does not work on any mobile devices.

Refog Keylogger  Pricing

One of the best things about the Refog keylogger is the price.  You can get it for only $69.  This makes it one of the most affordable keyloggers you can get.  Even pcTattletale is slightly higher at $99 (even though you get 3 devices for that price).  If price is important then you should check out the refog keylogger.


Refog Keylogger Conclusion

In conclusion the Refog keylogger has all the basics you need to try to get their passwords.  After you have their passwords you can sign into their accounts and see just about everything you want. You can also check out the best remote keyloggger for begginers to find a great one. Just know there are some limitations to the app just in how it is designed.

  • Expect to regularly update the app on the computer you are watching.  This will be due to software updates the refog team needs to do to stay current with all the social media sites.
  • Know you will need to have physical access to the computer to install this app. It can not be installed remotely (probably a good thing)
  • Do not expect mobile device support.  The Refog Keylogger only works on Computers.  Not mobile devices.  For that look for something like pcTattletale.

What to try something Better?

I truly believe pcTattletale is better than the refog keylogger for a lot of reasons.  But the best thing to do is sign up for the pcTattletale free trial and give it a ty: