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Employee’s stealing time from the company is a serious problem. If you have an employee earning $10 an hours who steals a few minutes out of the day they can cost your business hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year. Now you can stop it with Pctattletale. Pctattletale records directly on to your cell phone what employees are doing on their  Windows PC computers anywhere in your network. It also captures instant screenshots for no one knows what they were doing.

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Have you got someone in your business you need to watch? No problem. Pctattletale is the only app that lets you secretly see everything they do on their computer right from your cell phone. Pctattletale records on each taskbar, and through windows – so there is no way they can close it off or lie about what they’re doing.


Catch employee stealing time from your company

Your employees are stealing from you. But, who cares if they aren’t looking at Facebook? They’re also reading the news and posts on Youtube during work hours. If you don’t want to spend millions of dollars a year on employees wasting your time, it’s time to get paid back for what you’ve offered them – and if that means spying on your employees… then that’s exactly what you do. Only, our app does not simply spy on the employee, it lets you watch their every move!


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Time theft is costing companies millions of dollars every year. Think of how many customers you could please or products you could sell if each employee was staying at work from 9 to 5! Our app does not simply spy on employees, it helps the bosses see exactly what the employees are doing so that they can be held accountable.


Spending millions of dollars on employee time theft is a thing of the past. These thieves are only going to take you for a ride unless you catch them in the act. With our app, you can!


Many companies lose money every year because of time theft. It’s not just a problem, it’s a crisis! But our app provides a quick, easy and safe solution that stops employee time theft in its tracks. And best of all, it doesn’t talk down to your staff, it treats them as equals which leads to greater respect and trust from employees.


App That Lets You Secretly Monitor Employees For Time Theft

You’re probably aware of your employees’ internet surfing habits. They try to mask their tracks by signing off the internet right after working, or make a quick stop to their favorite sites before coming to the office. Even if they are experts at hiding their tracks, we have a solution that will expose their internet surfing hours to you. We present Pctattletale. It is a hidden computer surveillance software that runs in the background on your employee’s computer and mobile devices. You can watch them secretly from your cell phone chasing them all day long.


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Digital monitoring is a boon to business owners. Now you can monitor your employees without them even knowing that you are. Pctattletale lets you secretly login to your remote server from your phone using the app and view all keystrokes on all workstations even when they are in locked mode. Now protecting your company and monitoring your employees is easier than ever before!