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Want to know what a remote keylogger is?  Read on.

Remote keyloggers are becoming more popular these days. Many people are installing the monitoring tool on their computers just to keep track of what other people are doing on it.  Maybe you have a problem where an employee is stealing from your company.  A keylogger can help you catch them.

Installing a remote keylogger on your computer is just what you need to keep informed of everything that happens when you are not there. The tool records every activity performed on your computer including every keystroke and mouse movement made by the user on the keyboard. As a beginner, you may be wondering how you will track your computer remotely without the user noticing it. Remote keyloggers run hidden in the background of a computer, they are even covert in the computer process list. Thus, if the user searches for it, they won’t find it.

With a remote keylogger, you can track every web page visited, applications opened and see their screenshots. There are many remote keyloggers on the internet today, but you can only find a few useful and valuable ones. If you are a beginner, you need a remote keylogger that is easy to install and use so that you can achieve your goals.

Best Remote Keylogger Explained

Remote Keylogger
If you are a first timer looking for a remote keylogger, PC Tattletale is your best choice. The computer monitoring tool has advanced and comprehensive features such as video recording of all computer activity and remote tracking. Most remote keyloggers like the refog keylogger do not do more than keylogging and they don’t have the video recording features.  But, you can playback a video of the computer activity when you are not available if PC Tattletale software is installed.

The software program is the perfect monitoring tool for tracking your employees’ productivity or your children’s internet activity. If you think your spouse is cyber-cheating on you, you can track their activity online. You can get the details of their accounts on a dating website. If you can install PC Tattletale on their computer, you can get the login details as they log on. If the software is not installed, it might be hard to get the account details due to browser auto-fill features.
You can track every activity from your PC Tattletale control panel via a web server. Download PC Tattletale and try it  free today, it is easy to download and install.