standard Employee Monitoring and Tracking App Made Easy

Employee monitoringEmployee Monitoring and Tracking App Made Easy

Employee monitoring means to spy on staff members by a business to monitor their activities and engagements with the tasks related to the workspace. A company using employee monitoring system on a computer can determine productivity, track attendance, enhance security and measure exact working hours.

PC Tattletale is the perfect modern employee monitoring system which makes it incredibly comfortable and easy to detect and review all workstation Activity. This app can help you monitor Android, iPhone, and windows workstation.

Now, you can track easily how much time your employees spend at work, but how creative and productive they are. You can also track which applications and software they use most, check internet usage. Also, what tasks which they struggle with every day, when they perform well, etc.

How PC Tattletale help in employee monitoring?


  • Install app

This app is very easy to install. Just download and install it on a Wi-Fi enabled Android phone, iPhone, and computer device. Once installed on the system, it starts recording every click, keystroke, and tap.  It is very easy employee monitoring software to install and get working for you staff.

  • Get access to recordings

Sign in to PC Tattletale monitoring system from any device including smartphone, tablet, or computer.


  • View recordings

The activities captured by this app are played in the form of a video. Just install this software and watch everything your employees are doing on their computer devices. You can do it from anywhere from any device.


  • Analyze performance

The Video Playback feature of this recording app enables you to watch the activities of the entire day within minutes. The Click-Count Chart is its indispensable and powerful monitoring tool. It permits you to analyze the most active times of each day at a glance.

Why is PC Tattletale an easy employee monitoring system?

As we have discussed above, PC Tattletale tracking app is very easy to install on any device. You don’t need to have much technical knowledge. To download it on any system just go to play store and download it from there or you can directly install it from the website  There are many other features which make it a perfect option for your organization.

If your employees are using the Windows 10 operating system you might want to read Best Keylogger for Windows 10 so you know exactly what to expect.  You will see that pcTattletale is a great solution for your company.

Through this app, companies can examine 100 percent employees’ activities and communication, such as Email activities, internet and app usage, keystroke logging, stances of inactivity on the device, and audio/video surveillance. Additionally, you get to determine the work process all in a completely secure way.

PC Tattletale is a secure app

Evidently, this app is safe and secure. The recorded data is directly stored in a secure, online cloud server. Its storage and transfer system are secured with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technologies and techniques. So, there will be no security leakage of the company’s confidential data and records.

All in all, PC Tattletale is the best employees computer monitoring and tracking app which makes it easy for businesses to monitor their employees’ workstation activities. Just install this app on every system in your office and keep an eye on your staff from anywhere!