standard Top 3 Best Key Loggers Software

keylogger softwareNowadays, it is almost impossible for employers to know how productive their employees are, or what they are actually doing on the computer. Similarly, parents may also find it difficult to fully supervise what their children are doing on the computer. This is where keylogger software comes in. Also known as keystroke spy software, a keylogger software has made life easier for people especially parents and employers.

With the software, you can easily monitor what your employees or children are doing on their computer without getting caught. The software runs hidden in the background and records every activity carried out including websites visited, keystrokes, chat conversations, photos uploaded on social media, files downloaded or deleted. It records and captures screenshots of every activity, which you can playback in a video if you are not available in real-time.  Older versions of these kinds of apps were made by companies like SpectorSoft. The user will not even detect if something of such is installed on his or her computer.

There is a wide variety of keylogger software out there and they all have the same objective, which is to track every computer activity. See how to install a keylogger here.However, some of them have some advanced features that help users to achieve their goals. In no particular order, here are our top 3 best keylogger software that you might consider;

Refog keylogger software

Refog is a spy software that you can use to track every activity performed on a computer. It is a computer monitoring program that runs undetectable in the background of a computer. It stores everything your children clicks or type on the computer including social media conversations.

Revealer Keylogger

This is keylogger software that mainly tracks and record everything you type on your computer. Revealer Keylogger records all data logged on a PC. It runs hidden in the background but you can still find it active in the Task Manager. It can also trigger a security warning in an antivirus software. This means a computer advanced user can spot the software. However, you can use the software to record absolutely everything on a PC.

PC Tattletale

This is the best choice for a keylogger software. PC Tattletale records every computer activity and captures them in screenshots. It then compiles the screenshots into a video that you can play back when you are not available in real-time. This is what makes it different from other spy software. You can quickly review the activities by watching the videos compiled.

Are you looking for a keystroke logger? PC Tattletale is the best choice for you. You can download PC Tattletale keylogger and try it free, it is easy to download and install.