standard Samsung – How To Install pcTattletale

Here is how to install pcTattletale on a Samsung phone if you do not have access to a computer.  Watch the video below or follow along in this blog post below.


Step 1: Get Custom Download Link

The first step is to sign into your pcTattletale account from your own phone.

Pick “account overview” and “Add Device”.  Then Choose “Android” like below:


pcTattletale will work better on the Samsung phone if you can plug it into a computer.  Since you are reading this article I will assume you do not have a computer.  So go ahead and pick the “no computer” option.



pcTattletale will make a custom QR code like the one below.  You will need this later to download pcTattletale on to the target Samsung phone.

Step 2: Load Target Samsung Phone

Now you need to the target Samsung phone and unlock it.  Before you can load pcTattletale on the Samsung you need to turn off Google Play Protect.  Play Protect will block and remove pcTattletale.  It can be very pesky and persistent too!  So let’s turn it off.

Turn off Google Play Protect Warnings

Go into the Samsung phone settings:


Press search and type in “Google Play Protect”:



Turn off all app scanning settings:


Turn Off Google Play Notices

Now go back to the settings search screen.  This time type in “Google Play Store”.  We need to turn off notifications of it will try to turn Google Play Protect back on!

First, clear the storage history out of Google Play Protect.



Now Turn off Google Play Notifications:



Google Play will try to change these settings back without you knowing!  Let’s make sure it can not do that anymore.  Finally we need to take away “change settings” premissions.  It is easy:


Install pcTattletale

Now we can finally put pcTatltetale on the Samsung phone.  Start by using the builtin QR code reader.  Scan the code you made at the start of the article.  It should bevisible on your own phone (not the target Samsung phone).


The QR Code reader will pick up your custom pcTattletale download link pretty quickly.  Keep in mind you will be opening and downloading from “Truewebmedia” and not “pcTattetale”:

The download will start automatically.  Just open it when done:

Samsung may not want you to open the file.  Just make sure to turn on “allow from unkown sources”:

Just turn on “Allow from unknown sources”.  Then you can install pcTattletale.



When pcTattletale first opens you need to set permissions.  Press the start button.

To help hide pcTattletale it is called “Android” on the Samsung phone.  Turn on Notification access for “Android”.


If you get put back into the Samsung home screen you can always find pcTattletale.  It says “pcTattletale” while you are setting up the app.  Just start it back up.  pcTattetale will take you right back to where you left off.



Next, pcTattletale needs access to the accessibilty settings.  It is found under “installed services”.

Pick “Android” like you did before.


pcTattletale will have you turn on more permissions but they are easily found.  When you are done all permissions will be checked like this:

Press the start recording button to turn on pcTattletale.  You are almost done!

Step 3 : Remove Home Screen Icon

The last step is to remove the home screen icon for pcTattletale.  That will keep it hidden.

Pick “home screen settings” and “hide apps”:

Now just pick pcTattletale which is called “Android” so you can hide it.


Setup Complete!

That it!  pcTatletale has been successfully loaded on their samsung phone.  Keep in mind loading pcTattletale without a computer will have some drawbacks.  The user will see a cast icon on the top of the screen.

pcTattletale may stop working after a day or two.  If this happens simply follow this steps above to reload the app.

Next Step?  Check out what was recorded from you own phone here.