standard pcTattletale for Amazon Kindle HD Setup

Here is how to put the pcTattletale spy app on an Amazon Kindle Fire HD.  If you always wanted an easy way to monitor or spy on your Amazon Kindle device then this will be perfect for you.

In this short article we will cover these 3 easy steps to putting pcTattletale on your Kindle Fire HD:

  1.  Make a Free pcTattletale account
  2. Download and install the pcTattletale spy app
  3. View what was recorded from a remote computer or your phone


Make a Free pcTattletale account

The first step is to make a free pcTattletale account if you have not done so already.

Make Free pcTattletale Account Here


Next pick “account overview” and “add device”:


Pick “Android or Kindle” and get your special download link:




Install pcTattletale Spy App


Now Type the link into the Amazon Silk Web Browser like this.  The Kindle will ask for some extra permissions to install the app when it did not come from the Amazon store.



Now open the pcTattletale recording app.  Press start to begin setting up your permissions.  When asked turn on “Android” for notifications.

Next re-open pcTattletale from your home screen.  Do not worry.  When you are done this icon will automatically disappear.


When you open pcTattletale back up press the “start” button again.  pcTattletale will go through all permissions it needs to run on the kindle.  It will have you turn on any permission that is needed.  Most of them are pretty easy but here are two that are a little tricky.


pcTattletale will need you to turn on “Accessibility Services” for “Android”.  You will find it at the bottom of the screen like the first screen shot below.  Secondly when it asks for the special “drawing over screens” permission just remember to press the back button on the bottom like in the middle screen shot.

Finally when all the permissions are set just press the “start recording” button.  This is the screen shot on the far right.


Once you press the “start recording” button pcTattletale will start recording everything on the kindle.  It will also disappear.  After a few seconds you will also notice the icon for pcTattletale on the home screen goes away.

You have successfully installed pcTattletale on your Kindle Fire HD.




Viewing The Recordings

At this point you have pcTattletale installed and running.

To see what was recorded just sign into your pcTattletale account from our website:

TIP: You can do this from a computer or any mobile device.

Here is what it should look like.  NOTE:  You should see a video of what you do on their device:


As you add more devices pcTattletale will list them out and you can see everything as it happens:




As you can see putting pcTattletale on an Amazon Kindle is pretty straight forward.  Once you have it installed you can see everything they do on their Kindle Fire HD and everywhere they go to.

Try pcTattletale Free Here