standard Xiaomi phones – Installing pcTattletale

With Xiaomi phones you can use either the pcTattletale computer assisted install method or install it by downloading the pcTattletale spy app.  In either case the install is pretty straight forward.  There are a few things you need to be aware of.

Starting up Screen Recording

The first thing you need to know is there is a hidden checkbox on the screen recorder.  It looks like a white checkbox with white text on a white background.  That is why you can not see it.  Make sure to click this hard to find checkbox:


Restart with Phone

After you install pcTattletale there is one last step.   You need to go into the phone settings and let pcTattletale start back up if the phone is turned off.



After you do these steps pcTattletale should work wonderfully on your Xiamo phone.  If you have any problems make sure to Contact Us.