standard Android Beta 1.5 Released

In this article I tell you all about the new pcTattletale for Android version 1.52 that is ready for beta testing.  I will tell you how to get it and update your target device.   Plus what to expect.  If you want to see the video version just watch the video above.

How To Get The New pcTattletale for Android

Because this version is in a beta testing phase you can not get it by using the regular pcTattleale download link. You will also need to make sure any older versions of pcTattletale are off the device.

So the first step to updating your phone is to remove the older version of pcTattletale like I show you here:

How To Remove Old Installs of pcTattletale


Now that there are no older versions of pcTattletale on the target device you just need to install it again.  Go through the exact same steps but use the download link below instead of


Use  instead of  putting the word beta at the end will get you the newest version.

hidden spy app for Android

Here is how to put pcTattletale on the target device.  Just remember to change the download URL to when you download the app.

What is New?

There are two big changes with this version.  The first one is that it will not stop running on Android 8.1 and newer devices.  Typically you would put pcTattletale on one of these devices and it would get shut down by Android after a few hours (or days).  When this happened you need to install the app again.  Not ideal if you have a hard time getting a hold of their phone.  The new version will keep running.

The second change had to do with bad GPS tracking data.  You might recall a post I did a few weeks ago to explain pcTattletale Android GPS tracking.  In that article I told you how Android can give bad GPS coordinates.  Well in this new version that GPS problem is tightened up and you should not see any points further than a hundred feet away.  It works a lot better now.


Who Is This For?

This beta version is ready for anyone who wants to use pcTattletale.  Use it especially if you have been having problems keeping pcTattletale running.  Also use it if you have been seeing lots of in-accurate GPS tracking locations.  Just know that it is still a beta version.  I believe it will work better than the regular one on the site but I need to watch it for a while and make sure any bugs are worked out.  If all goes well it will be ready for prime time at the end of this month.

Do not have pcTattletale yet?  What are you waiting for?  Give it a try today: