standard My 3 Best Tips- Install pcTattletale on Android

In this article I want to give you my 3 best tips for putting pcTattletale on an Android device.  I see all the common mistakes and want help you avoid them.  Plus it will be easier for you and take aware some of the fear of putting an android spy app like pcTattletale on their phone.

Practice On You Own Phone First

My first tip is to put pcTattletale on your own Android device first.  Why?  Because you will see how it works and what to do.  It will take away a lot of the unknown.  Once you got it on your own phone you can see how it all works too.


When you are done just click the trash can icon next to the name from pcTattletale (shown above).  Keep in mind you can put pcTattletale on up to 3 devices at the same time.

TIP: You can try pcTattletale on your own Android phone or tablet with a free trial account.

Let Your Computer Help!

Most people do not know using a computer makes the whole pcTattletale Android install process a lot easier.  Just put their phone in developer mode.  Then just connect it to your computer.  Finally install the pcTattletale Android Installer app.  Quick and easy.

TIP: When you plug the phone into a computer there is a lot more pcTattletale can do to make life easier on you.

Click Here to Learn About Computer Install Method

Kill Pop Up Messages Forever

My last tip is to look for any pop up notifications.  If the phone is newer (Android 8+) you will definitely see them.  The good news is they are very easy to get rid of:

Just long-hold on these notifications and you can dismiss them forever.


Follow these 3 tips and putting pcTattletale on any Android device will be a lot easier for you,.