standard My Best Windows 10 Keylogger Setup Tip

In this article I give you my best Windows 10 Keylogger setup tip with pcTattletale.  It will help you avoid a lot of problems if you just do this one easy step.   This is a follow up to my article about how to spy on another computer.  Feel free to read the article below or watch the video version above.

Keep in mind this is for Windows computers.  If you want to spy on Android phones check out this article.


One new trend I am seeing with Windows 10 and pcTattletale is that Windows will stop pcTattletale from starting back up when the computer is turned off.  The good news is it is very easy to fix.  But you may need to do it before the computer gets out of your hands and you simply can not get back on the computer to fix it.

How To Fix – Check Windows 10 Startup

Sometimes Windows can disable pcTattletale from starting up.  You will likely see that pcTattletale was working great for a week and then stopped when they finally restarted the computer.  Here is how to see if Windows has disabled pcTattletale and fix it.

TIP:  Check for this right after you install pcTattletale.  It works best if you can install pcTattletale and then just log out of the account.  Log back in and see if Windows disabled pcTattletale or not.  Follow the steps below.

This kind of thing will happen with lots of keyloggers like pcTattletale.  I talk about it more in my article how to put a keylogger on a Windows PC.

First just right click with your mouse anywhere on the black band at the bottom of the screen to select the task manager like below:

Now pick the startup tab.  Look for the Microsoft Scheduler Process:

If it is disabled turn it on:

Restart the computer and pcTattletale should start working again.  Do this step as soon as possible.  Nothing is worse than having someone hundreds of miles away with pcTattletale disabled and you have no way to turn it back on.  Once you do this step one time pcTattletale will work wonderfully on your Windows workstation.