standard PC Monitoring Software for Parents and Employers

pc-monitoring-software-for-parents-and-employersAmong all the users of PC monitoring software, parents and employers are one of the biggest and most prolific users. The reasons are simple – the need to monitor PC use by kids and employees is real, and important.

Let use look at them separately – why would parents and employers need to use a PC monitoring software?

PC Monitoring for Kids

Kids are probably the most vulnerable profile on the internet. They are exposed to several bad influences  like predators and access to inappropriate websites. Another common issue is the chance of exposure to online bullying. Are your kids surfing in a safe manner in their internet time?

PC use in necessary and unavoidable for modern kids – they need it for school work, education, and simply for expanding their horizons. You simply cannot stop them. Therefore, the next best option is to ensure they are doing it in an appropriate manner.

PC Monitoring for Employees

It is almost impossible to think of a modern business enterprise without using computers and internet access. Like any good thing, this can be misused to the ultimate loss of your business.

Are your employees working to the best standards when they are sitting down on their PCs? Perhaps they are surfing social media websites on company paid time? Are you concerned a wayward employee may sell your company secrets to your competitors?

All these reasons are legit arguments for using a PC monitoring software on your business computers. As a result, you should consider using an appropriate monitoring tool on for your employees.

PC Tattletale: PC Monitoring Software for All your Needs

PC Tattletale is a keystroke capture software that you can use to monitor your kids or employees. In addition, its advanced features go beyond a simple keylogger software.

It is capable of capturing even hidden information by way of stored usernames and passwords – a standard feature of most modern browsers. Since this does not use keyboard, this information can easily escape other keylogger software like the TruthSpy App.

PC Tattletale captures rapid screenshots of the PC screen and plays them back as a video. This creates a very comprehensive and complete picture of PC use. Most of all, this feature is useful for activities that do not need keyboard – like video chatting, and file sharing.

The software is easy to download, easy to install, and is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Try it on your PC today – PC Tattletale is free to download and try it out for free.