standard How to Put Keylogger Software on Windows PC

keylogger softwareA keylogger software is an important tool to monitor PC activity. For a beginner to PC monitoring, the biggest challenge is to understand how to install and use the software.

But first things first. Before we discuss how to install a keylogger software, let us briefly discuss why you need it in the first place? The answer is easy – you want to monitor the activity on a PC, or a set of several computers. There are several valid reasons why you may need this.

As a business owner or manager, your primary interest in ensuring your employees are productive. Your employees are present, they are on their PCs, but how do know they are working? Or perhaps they are surfing Facebook or watching cat videos when they should be working. Keeping track of their PC activity helps you do that.

On a personal level, a keylogger software may help you ensure safe internet use for your kids, and intervene in case of online bullying or abuse. It may also help to keep track of wayward spouses.

PC Tattletale: Install Keylogger Software the Easy Way

We have designed PC Tattletale to install the easy way – as simple as 1-2-3! Yes, installing our keylogging program, and getting it to run is just an easy 3-step process (Tip:  You can see how to install a key logger here):

Step 1 – Download PC Tattletale

Pick the correct user package according to your needs (we have 3 – family, small office, and business). Once you download the software on the PC of interest, it is just a simple point and click process. If you can install an app on your mobile, you can install this software – it is that easy.

Step 2 – Create a Free Account

To access the reports and activity, you need to create a free user account. Creating this account gives you access to your personal dashboard at

Step 3 – Sign in and View

Once installed, the software starts working in the background – collecting screenshots and information entered through keyboard. You can check these reports on your PC, tablet or smartphone, and from anywhere in the world.

Check it Out

Interested? Then try it for yourself – PC Tattletale free download and try for 1 week.