standard Best Remote Keylogger for Windows PCs

Keylogger software are getting more and more popular these days – both for business and personal uses.

Why You Need a Keylogger?

Want to know more about keyloggers?  Check out the article what is a keylogger. The utility of keylogger tools for business owners and managers is quite obvious. Monitoring employees is a necessity for several reasons. Are they following the proper instructions in doing their work? Or taking unreasonable and frequent breaks? Are they surfing Facebook on company time? A keylogging software will help you ensure that your manpower resources are working in a productive way.

At home too, a capable keylogging tool helps you monitor kids’ online activities, and protect them from online abuse and bullying. If you have a wayward spouse, you can use the keylogger software to get definite proof, and protect your financial interest in case of separation and divorce.

How Does a Keylogger Work?

As its name indicated, a keylogger program works by tracking keyboards strokes.  You can see how to install a keylogger here. The keyboard of a PC is the primary input device. As a user punches the keys, the software captures them, and saves the information in a ‘log’. The user can then view the logs, and check the information.

PC Tattletale – Best Keylogger Software

If you are looking for an effective and affordable keystroke capture program, then your search ends with PC Tattletale. We have worked hard to create a PC monitoring software that works well for business and home users.

Check out these features of PC Tattletale that make it a leader:

  • Simple to install – no technical expertise needed. Just download it from our website, install on PC of interest, and you are good to go.
  • Invisible – once you install the program, it remains well hidden, and almost impossible to detect. So, the subject cannot modify their behavior to beat your surveillance.
  • Records everything – even PC activities that do not expressly need keyboard to enter. So, you can also capture video chats and browser auto-complete information.
  • Works remotely – so you can monitor all reports and activities on any device, anytime, and from anywhere in the world. You do not need to access the PC physically once you have installed the keylogger program on it.

Try PC Tattletale for Free 

PC Tattletale is a free to download and try it out for free. Go ahead, download pctattletale free  , and take it for a spin!