standard Best Keyloggers That Really Work

Best keyloggersDo you want to track the activity of all the users on a computer? Monitor your children or employee computer activities? You will need computer monitoring software with great keylogger features. There are a lot of keyloggers available online, but the vast majority are not worth it (if they work at all.) There are some essential features that will help you achieve your goals. The best keyloggers record screenshots and keystrokes.  You can see an article here: How to install a remote keylogger. They then allow you to review the recorded information – quickly and easily.

Features of the best keyloggers

1. The best keyloggers can be accessed remotely from anywhere and from any computer. You can log into any computer to access your children’s or employees’ activities on the monitored PC. PC Tattletale allows users to access the visual logs from their web server. Users can login on PC Tattletale and review the keystrokes and screen activities. This also means that only you can view the activity logs.

2. You cannot find the keylogger icon on your computer desktop or taskbar. The best keyloggers run hidden in the background so that the users will not know that it is installed on the computer. Even a computer scan may not be able to detect or locate these keyloggers unless the user is deliberately searching for it.

3. The best keyloggers don’t record the keystrokes only. PC Tattletale will also make videos of the user computer screen allowing quick review of all activity. This means that you can record every activity and playback the videos when you want to. This feature can also help you recover things you may have deleted without knowing, recover forgotten information such as passwords, or even get lost emails.

If you are looking for the best keylogger, PC Tattletale should be your first choice. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. Download PC Tattletale today and try it free.