standard Android App Not Installed Message

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Are you trying to install pcTattletale but you get the dreaded “App not installed” Message.  The good news it is easy to fix.

pcTattletale is most likely not able to be installed (or downloaded) because Google Play Protect is blocking it.

Turn Off Google Play Protect

The phone probably has Google play app scanning.  Google Play Protect is blocking pcTattletale.  That is why you can not download or install it.  It is easy to fix.

Just open up the phone settings and type “play protect”.  If it shows up follow the screen shots below.


Some phones will not let you search for Play Protect.  Instead it is under  the “security” section like this:


Disable app scanning so it leaves pcTattletale alone:

Uninstall pcTattletale

Google Play will still block pcTattletale even if you have it turned off.  You need to uninstall pcTattletale so that you can install it again.

Turn off Google Play Protect Notifications

From the phone or tablet, perform the following steps:

Clear Data and turn off Notifications for the Google Play app
This should remove the sticky notification from Google Play Protect.

  1. Go to Android Settingsand thenAppsand thenGoogle Play Store and thenStorage and cacheand thenTap on Clear Data.
  2. Tap Notifications and then Toggle OFF Allow notifications
  3. Tap Change System Settings (can also be called Modify system settingsand then Toggle OFF Allow permission



Install pcTattletale

Now with Google Play protect out of the way you can easily install pcTattletale:

Still stuck?  Let us know.  We can help you get pcTattletale working great.