standard Huawei Devices Can Cause pcTattletale To Stop Recording

Huawei is a popular android manufacturer who has taken it upon themselves to modify android and add extra battery protection.  If you leave this feature turned on, the Huawei phone will likely kill off pcTattletale after a few days to try and save battery life.  It can also alert the user that pcTattletale is using their battery in the background (not good).  For these reasons let us disable Huawei’s battery saver.  It is easy:



First just pick “settings” from the home screen:

Next Pick Battery:

Now click the cog up above Battery (NOTE: Your Huawei phone may look different here):


Disable power sensitive app notification settings:


Once you have done these steps pcTattletale will work a lot more reliably on your Huawei phone or tablet.