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SnapChat Spy app for ParentsAre you looking for a snapchat spy app that can be done by a complete beginner?  Fear not.  You have found the right article.  In this blog post I will show you how you can easily put a snapchat spy app on their Android phone.  If you have an iPhone read the bottom of this blog post for some very important information you need to know.  They will not know you are able to see all their snapchat conversations, videos, and pictures even after they are deleted.  The best part is you do not need to be very technical all.

Sound good?

Why SnapChat?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks with kids and teens.  Especially teenage girls.  Just look at the chart below.   Look at how many kids use snapchat vs. say us parents:

SnapChat Demographics Spy App

One thing kids love about Snapchat is that anything you post (snap) disappears within a few minutes.  At least so they think.  Your kids can do and say things they might not normally do because they know it will just disappear.  This presents a great opportunity for you since you will most likely see their worst behavior on this popular social network.

SnapChat now has over 173,000,000 daily users


SnapChat Daily Usage Growth

Snapchat is a video app.  Your kids make short videos and post them to the platform for others to see.  They can also use it for video chatting.  Snapchat has made big progress in augmented reality too.  Just check our the first image of this blog post.  By adding text and images to their videos kids can get really creative.  It is definitely a popular social network that does not get enough attention.

SnapChat Spying – Is this you Too?

SnapChat SpyingAs a parent you need to know you are not alone.  It is not very uncommon to see your daughter on her phone making videos and “snapping it up”.  Only when you come into the room she shuts down the app.  Clearly there is something going on she does not want you to see.

The good news is there are apps that you “spy” on snap chat or just about anything else they do on their phone.  It is a good way for a parent to know your child a lot better.  You will find out things you just did not know about your kids.  Things they would never tell you.  Once you know the truth you can have much more constructive conversations with your kids.  You really will feel like you just know them better.

Best SnapChat Spy app for Beginners

There are a lot of spy apps out on the internet that make some very big claims.  Many of them say they can monitor snapchat and other apps like whatsapp but they really fall short.  The reason?  They are just not able to capture everything going on in the app.  Why?  Because all those messages and pictures disappear so fast.

To make matters worse many of them want you to root or jailbreak your phone.  Not only is this hard to do but it voids your phone’s warranty.

pcTattletale SnapChat spy app

Our pcTattletale spy app for Android is unlike any other spy app available.  You will see that every other spy app will attempt to get the data “out of snapchat”.  Sometimes it works but most of the time the snaps are already gone before the spy app can “grab” it.  Plus when SnapChat does an update it will break the spy app.  pcTattletale works differently.

pcTattletale SnapChat Spy App ScreenShot




pcTattletale makes “YouTube” like movies of them using the phone.  You will actually see them take a picture or movie and add the fancy text around it.  Want to see the people they are talking too? No problem.  Plus you will see them send every snap and video chat.  This is a superior way for seeing what your kids are doing on snapchat without missing any snaps.

SnapChat Spy App for Android

pcTattletale works best on Android.  Installing the spy app is not hard just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Make a free pcTattletale account
  2. Install the Android SnapChat spy app [Android Install Guide Click Here]
  3. View the recording at the pcTattletale website

Once you put the pcTattletale android snapchat spy app on their phone you will see everything they do on their phone.  Plus you will get to see their GPS locations too:

SnapChat Spy App pcTattletale

In addition to seeing their snapchat activity you will see every text message they send, anything they do on Facebook, Instagram, the web, and just about anything else you can think of.  It is all possible because we record their screen and do not pick and choose which apps we record.

“pcTattletale is superior because it records their entire screen.  It does not pick and choose which apps to record”

Watch Them Snap In Real Time

With pcTattletale’s “live monitoring” mode you watch them use their phone in real time.  Is your daughter in her bedroom on her phone?  Just open up pcTattletale and you can see what she is doing as she is doing it:

SnapChat Spy app real time

pcTattletale is the only spy app that you can use to watch your kids in realtime snapping away on snapchat.

If you want an easy way to use an Android snapchat spy app then pcTattletale should be your first choice.



SnapChat spy for iPhone – The cold hard truth

SnapChat spy app for iPhoneI just can not believe how many companies flat out lie about spying on SnapChat for iPhone.  You do not have to do too much Googling to find a spy app that “sounds too good to be true”.

TIP:  Many snapchat spy apps will claim to do a lot of wonderful things with iPhone but just can not deliver anymore.

Look at TruthSpy – a popular spy app.  They tell you they can do all these wonderful things with Snapchat.  It sounds great.  Only when you go to install their app they have this “small” disclaimer:

TruthSpy App Review for iPhone

Jailbreak your iPhone?  Do you really want to do that?  These iPhones are expensive.  If the jailbreaking “breaks” the phone you are out hundreds of dollars.  Apple will not fix it and will site that you voided the warranty by jailbreaking it.

Can iPhones be Jailbroken Anymore?

But even if you could Jailbreak your iPhone can you even do it?  I followed the link on TruthSpy’s website for their suggested “Jailbreaker”.  Notice it stops at iOS version 9.  At the time of this writing Apple is on version iOS12.  In fact I do not personally know a single person that is still running iOS9.  Apple is very good about getting their devices upgraded.  So this app has not really worked for people in YEARS:

TruthSpy App iPhone Jailbreaking chart out of date


So it appears that apple has beaten the Jailbreakers (at least for now).  But you need to Jailbreak your iPhone to use TruthSpy’s app but you can not JailBreak iPhones anymore.  How can they advertise that their product even works anymore?

I think you get where I am going with this.

But they are not the only ones….  When you see the spy apps make big claims you have to read between the lines.

The cold hard truth is that iPhone monitoring is very limited.  Here are pcTattltale we took the approach of not forcing you to Jailbreak your iPhone (even if you could).  We just do not want to ask our customers to do it.

Because of this approach we are not able to offer a SnapChat Spy app for iPhone.  Being in the business of course we are always looking around for anyone that has a real working solution.  We have yet to find one.  Only jokers out there trying to sell you something that just will not work.

So if your kids have an iPhone or iPad you are going to have a very hard time finding anything that will work as a snapchat spy app.  I just want to be 100% honest with you about it and save you a lot of time and frustration.

SnapChat Spy App conclusion

In closing if your kids have an Android device and you want to see what they are doing on SnapChat then use pcTattletale.  It is a superior solution that will show you everything they do as they do it.

If your kids have an iPhone just know there is probably not a working solution at this time that will be able to record snapchat.  Be very cautious of anyone making big claims that they can do it.