standard How To Remove Android’s “Drawing Over Apps” Notification

With Android version 7 & 8 (oreo) they give nasty notifications about pcTattletale recording your screen.  If the person you are watching sees these pop ups they can easily disable pcTattletale.  You will not get any recordings.  So let’s get those notifications removed.

Here is what the notification looks like.  You can see it if you swipe down from the top of the screen:

Easy Method

On most Android Phones this notification is very easy to get rid of.  Just hold your finger on top of it for a few seconds.  Then you will get an option to stop showing it.  Just turn off the notification and press save like we show you below:

One you disable the notification and press Save just turn the phone off and back on.  You will see the notification is gone.

Do This If Easy Method Does Not Work

Some phones will not be able to remove the warning even if you hold your finger over it.  The reason is the phone is not running the newest version of Android.  In this case to remove it we need to download a free app called “AutoNotification”.  You can search for it in the Google play store or see it by following this link.

Just install the app:

After you install the app open it up.  It will ask you to approve some permissions:

Press the Back Button and click the option for notification blocking:

Next you will see warning telling you to turn on the AutoNotification service.  Just press OK:

Turn on AutoNotification and press the Back Button:

Now press the Notifications button again.  We can start blocking the pcTattletale notification.

Now press the + button to add a new filter:

We need to tell AutoNotification which app to block.  Pick the Android System app:

Type the word “displaying” in all lowercase.  Press the OK button:

At this point the pesky notification should be gone.  But we need to hide the AutoNotification app.

Hide the AutoNotification app:

Touch and hold the AutoNotification app icon.  Move it and you will see “remove” and “uninstall”.  Drag the icon to “remove” and you are done!

After doing these steps they will not be notified or see anything “weird” on their Android Phone.