standard Install Android with Computer

Putting pcTattletale on an Android phone or tablet can be a lot easier with the help of a computer. If you have access to Windows PC or MAC you should use this method. It will not only make putting pcTattletale on their device much easier but by using a Computer we can easily get rid of any pop up warnings or funny icons they might notice on their phone.

Step 1 Get Android Phone Ready

We will need to give your computer access to the phone by putting in developer mode. 

  1. Swipe down from the top of your phone. 
  2. Click the settings cog. 
  3. Search for “build” and tap Build Number 7 times (Strange I know).  As you start doing this Android will tell you are in developer mode:

How to Enter Developer Mode on Android Phone



Android will ask you to confirm the Phone’s PIN and you are in Developer mode!

Now go back to your settings screen and search for “usb d”. Then turn on USB debugging.  This will let your computer talk to the phone:

Step 2 Download pcTattletale Android Installer

Now that the phone is ready lets plug it into your computer. With a MAC this should be very straight forward. With Windows you might need to install a “driver” so windows knows how to talk to your phone.

Mac Instructions:

The great news with Macs is they will almost always recognize your phone.  There are no software drivers to install like Windows.  The only thing you need to know about MACs are how to open the pcTattletale installer app after you download it.

If you try to open the pcTattletale Android installer you will get this error message:

Make sure to find the app in Finder.  Then hold down the CONTROL button and click the app icon.  YOu will get a way to open the app:



Windows Instructions

TIP: When you plug your phone into the computer you should see the phone’s name down by the clock. If you do not see it try putting the phone manufacture’s desktop software on your computer. They almost always have the right drivers so the computer can talk to your phone. If you do not have the right windows drivers for your phone it will not work. 


Here is what your screen should should look like when you plug in the phone.  Notice how the device’s name shows up:

Popular Manufacturers Windows Device Drivers

Keep in mind you only need to worry about installing these drivers if you are using a Windows PC and you do not see your device down by the clock when you plug it in (It will say device unkown).




One Plus


Now that the phone is connected to our computer we need to download the pctattletale Android Installer. This simple app will talk to your phone and put pcTattletale on it.



After you download the app just keep and open it:

TIP: App will not open? Make sure you have JAVA installed on the computer. Then it will work for you. Click Here To Install JAVA



Step 3 Install pcTattletale on Phone

At this point installing pcTattletale is easy. Just click the install button. The only problem you might run into is having the computer talk to your phone. Make sure to check your phone and look for a USB Debugging warning. We tell you to look for this as you run our installer app.

Step 4 Remove Pop up Warning

The pcTattletale Android Installer app will do a lot of work to configure the phone. But there is one pop up warning the app can not get rid of. You need to do it. Here is what it will look like:

Click Here To Remove POP Up Warning

Just click the link above and you can remove the POP up warning. At this point you can disconnect the phone and pcTattletale should be installed and working for you.

Running into any problems? Just Contact us so we can help you get it working.