standard What are the benefits of employee monitoring?

Are you wondering? What are the benefits of employee monitoring?  With the pandemice work at home has never been more popular.  But even with people comming back into the office, you may find yourself asking “What are my employees actually doing all day?”


Here are the top 5 benefits of employee monitoring

benefits of employee monitoring increased employee productivity

Increased Employee Productivity

When you tell your employees they are being monitored you will notice a big uptick in producitivty.  Because your business is not a culture of tranparency both you and the workers have a social contract that there is proof both ways of hours worked and billed.

Most pcTattletale employee monitoring software customers report a sharp increase in productivity once their staff knows the expectations.  Ironically most customers report they never need to even review the reports!


benefits of employee monitoring bottlenecks

Pick Out Problem Areas and Bottlenecks

Nothing can be more fustrating for a business owner than trying to get to the bottom of things.  When can only reply on what employees are “telling” you, you are at a disadvantage.  Employee monitoring software like pcTatltetale can help you pick out bottlenecks in your business.

For example are two employees searching for same order information?


benefits of employee monitoring prevent data theft

Benefits of Employee Monitoring – Detect Data Theft

Data theft is on the rise.  Being able to spot it or even investigate it after the fact can be crucial for small businesses.  Many pcTatletale employee monitoring customers signed up precisely because they suspect someone in their company is stealing data.

As a business owner how can know for sure without employee monitoring?


benfits of employee monitoring hours and attendance


Monitor Attendance And Hours Worked

Employees can take long breaks, and while working at home can go unchecked for hours.  Having employee monitoring software in place helps you keep everyone honest about hours worked.

You should have the expectation that if the employee wants to bill the company for an hour worked then shouldn’t that company be able to see the work they paid for?  If you suspect time theft at your place of business then you should consider some of the benefits of employee monitoring.



benefits of employee monitoring objective accurate feedback

Gives Management Objective, Accurate Feedback

Many times it is difficult for management to get accurate, objective, feedback.  Sure you can always rely on the goals the employee produced.  You can even reply on what they tell you or ad-hock anntidotes about their preformance.  But one of the biggest benefits of employee monitoring is that gives your management team a crystal clear view of what is happening with the employee and their work.


Benefits of Employee Monitoring – pcTattletale

pcTattletale is powerful employee monitoring software that lets you track all of your staff’s activies.

pcTattletale is the only solution that makes “YouTube” like videos of their every click. Just watch the recordings from your phone or computer.


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