standard Employee Data Theft – 5 Shocking Statistics

Employee data theft is on the rise.  Do you think your business suffers from employee data theft?  See if these 5 shocking statistics about employee data theft are happening at your place of business.



You can watch the video version above or read the article below.  Both will show you the same 5 statistics, so whichever is easier for you!



72% Businsses Shut Down

72 percent of businesses that suffer major data theft shut down within 2 years, and this should be no surprise really.  Usually data theft involves sensitive company data being sold or given to their competition, not to mention other problems with company morale that the data theft can cause.  Of course, this statistic does not mean your business will close down because of the data theft.  It just means it is much more likely after 2 years.



60% Caused by Unhappy Employees

Sixty percent of data theft problems are caused by unhappy employees.  This makes sense since a happy employee would probably not be interested in stealing the company data (except for statistic #5).  Do not skip ahead!  Check out the other statistics.



62% Employee Data Theft Happens To Small Business

You might think something like data theft happens only at large companies like Google,  but the opposite is true.  In fact, most employee data theft happens at small businesses.  These businesses are not prepared to secure their data, so it makes it much easier to an unhappy employee who is financially motivated to steal the customer list or computer code.




$38,000 Average Loss

You might be surprised to know that $38,000 is the average cost to small business to recover from data theft.  This includes losses from sales to competitors, Loss of reputation with customers (in the case of a data breach), outages, and more.



71% Employee Data Theft is Finally Motivated

The last statistic is that 71% percent of employee data theft cases are financially motivated.  Money motivates us all, and greed should come as no surprise.  Employees that are leaving and swipe a customer list for their next job stand to make a quick buck.  Your ace programmer grabs thousands of lines of your code and gets a nice page raise at his next job.

Do you think data theft is happening at your business?

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