standard How to turn off Android’s Pesky Chromecast Icon

With Android Naught (version 7+) and newer when you put pcTattletale on their device they will see an annoying icon that pcTattletale is running.  It is called a “cast” icon and it lets the person know their screen is being shared (with pcTattletale).  This is what it looks like:

We need to get rid of it.  Here is how.

First swipe down on the top of the phone and look for the sprocket (cog).  Tap and hold it.  It will spin.  Then a little wrench icon will appear.  Your screen might look a little different if you are not using Android version 8 (shown below):

TIP: Gear not spinning?  Some Manufacturer’s (like Samsung) have decided to remove the System UI tuner.  In this case use the pcTattletale Android installer with a computer to remove the cast icon.  click the link below:

How To Install pcTattletale on Android with a Computer

You will probably get a warning or confirmation that you want to turn on the secret system UI tuner.  Just agree to it or say “yes”.

Now click the settings icon again and scroll down to the bottom where you see the new “System” settings section.  Select it.

On Android Version 8 you need to select “System” First like this:

If you have Android version 7 skip this step.  The “System UI Tuner” is right in your settings section.  Just like the screen below.

Now select the System UI Tuner:

Select “Status Bar”:

Turn off “Cast”:

Now the chrome-cast icon will not appear and give you away!

No System UI Tuner Method

With most Android manufacturers you can turn on an Android feature called the System UI tuner like we showed you above.  It will easily let you get rid of Android’s Chromecast icon like the one below:

If you try to get the cog to spin by holding it and nothing happens then your manufacturer might have removed the System UI tuner.  In this case you will need access to a Computer to remove it.  We recommend using the pcTattletale Android installer to do the work for you:

Use pcTattletale Android Installer With Computer

Chrome Cast Icon is Finally Gone

You will notice the Chomecast icon does not show up anymore!

We know this is not the easiest thing to do.  If you run into any problems or are confused about any of the steps definitely contact us so we can help you.