standard How To Remove Android 10 Icons

With Android 10 and newer pcTattletale can no longer remove its icon from the home screen.

After you install pcTattletale you will still see the icon in the apps section.  It will look like this:



In this short article I will show you how to hide the icon.


Samsung Phones

Samsung made removing the pcTattleatle icon easy.  Just follow these steps:


Look at the picture above.  Just click the 3 dots.  Then pick “Home Screen Settings”.  Then “Hide Apps”.



After you are in the hide apps screen just pick the pcTattletale icon.


Other Phones

Not every phone has a handy way to remove the icons.  In this case we just need to download an app called “Microsoft launcher”.  It will let us do the same thing.

Go to the Google Play store.  Find the app called “Microsoft Launcher” and install it.  Go through their setup screens.  Once it is installed you will also have 3 dots next to the search on the screen.


Click the 3 dots and you will see you can hide apps.  Just pick the pcTattletale icon to hide it.


That is all there is to it.  Keep in mind if you have an older phone you will not need to do these steps.  pcTattletale is able to hide itself.

Got any questions?  Just let us know.