standard Webwatcher: Does It Really Work?



There are several spy or monitoring software programs out there such as PC Tattletale, PC Pandora, Gecko Monitor, Webwatcher and others. Not all are as effective as they should be, and some have poor products that may not work at all, or do not provide support to help users efficiently.

Beware of Webwatcher

Webwatcher, for example, is a monitoring software that users claim is difficult to download and install. Based on several reviews, users are not satisfied with this software. They claim that WebWatcher has terrible support and they don’t pay refunds, even when their software has not been downloaded or installed. Should you take a chance?


But there are some other good keylogger companies out there.  For example you can check out my TruthSpy Review and see they offer a pretty solid product for the most part that does what they say.



The Best Monitor – PC Tattletale

Monitoring software like PC Tattletale provides the best software coupled with outstanding support for its users. PC Tattletale runs hidden on the computer with no visible icons on your desktop tray or task bar.

PC Tattletale is a monitoring software that allows you to view all activity performed on a computer or device. Parents can protect their children from internet dangers. A jealous spouse can track the activity of their partner who is cheating on them, through emails or dating sites.

Employers can install PC Tattletale on employees’ computers. They can know if they using the internet for work or doing personal stuff. This empowers an employer to know who the productive employees in the company really are.

The PC Tattletale activity viewer is the best available. You review all the computer activity in a video. You can select past days to review, even specific hours of activity. But, the most amazing thing about PC Tattletale is that no one knows it is even installed on the computer. It is always hidden in the background.

PC Tattletale is easy to download and install. You can try pcTattletale free to know how it works.