standard Notification access is not available – How to Fix

On some Android phones you will see a screen like then when you need to set up pcTattletale:


Basically the phone’s vendor did not want you to see this powerful Android feature.  Then good news is you easily get around it and get pcTattletale working.

First just go into settings.  Pick “Apps & Notifications”.  Then “Advanced”.  Then Special app access.

Now pick “Android” and turn it on.  Then restart pcTattletale.  When you check the permissions again it will see you already set them and not bother you with this step anymore.  You can continue through your installation.



Use Your Computer

Are you still not able to find the notification access feature?  Just use your computer to help install pcTattletale.  You will get better results and not need to do this step at all.  Just plug the phone into your computer and let the special installer do all the hard work for you.  Highly recommended:

Click here to Install with Help of your Computer




Still having problems?  Just contact us to help you get pcTattletale working.