standard How PC Tattletale Tracks Employment Activity on Windows Workstations

tracks employmentIn this online world, where every activity depends on the internet, it is important to know the proper internet usage. The PC tattletale is a simple recording software, which is specially designed to record the activities of employees. This software tracks employment activity on window workstations.

Install this app on your company’s computers, and keep tabs on what the staff is doing with the company’s computers. This software is easy to deploy than others and offers you transparent results. It runs on cloud which makes it easy for companies to  get started with it.

Know how PC Tattletale tracks employment

PC Tattletale recorder makes it easy for you to track employees professionally. Let’s have a look at how

  •  Employee monitoring on windows systems

The recorder for windows systems makes it extremely easy to capture and review all windows workstation activities for your company. Install the software on every desktop in your office and track employment.

  • Easy to install

It is very easy to install the PC Tattletale app on a window workstation. Other than that, it takes few minutes to download and install. Also, it doesn’t require any kind of special settings before you could start using it on any device.

  •  Access windows workstation recordings

To get access to your windows workstations, you can log into  Create a username and a password to log in and monitor recordings remotely. You can login to your account from anywhere and any place using any device.

  • Measures productivity and performance 

PC Tattletale’s video playback badge allows you to watch the workstation activities of the whole day within few minutes. Additionally, it also tells about the most productive hours of the whole day as well as the least productive ones.

  • Cost control 

If you don’t want to affect the goodwill of your business, PC Tattletale employee monitoring software should be your priority. It directly addresses the internet usage for non-work-related tasks. Therefore, you can save a lot of money of your business which his otherwise wasted on unnecessary internet usage

  • Data storage and security

 It stores only the most recent activities and deletes the old ones automatically

All and all, this software uses a secure, online cloud-based server to store all information data. All the data stored is secured with AES Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technologies and techniques.

More talks on how PC Tattletale tracks employment 

In the above discussion, we have described what PC tattletale does for you. If you also want to know how it tracks employment, visit the official webpage at After clicking on this link, it will direct you to the homepage. There, you can read in detail how this recording software works.

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So, what are you waiting for? Install PC Tattletale recorder on your company’s electronic devices. Start tracking employment from any device, at any time, or from anywhere.