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email spying

email spying made easy with PC Tattletale

Email spying seems to be more popular than ever. You can hardly turn on the television without hearing about another politician who’s email was hacked.  But how can you and I do email spying without being a computer expert?

The good news is there exists email spying software programs that you and I can use to spy on people’s emails.  You don’t need to be a master hacker either.  In this short article I will share with you the best way to do email spying on just about anyone.


Email spying made easy

Email spying is made easy by using spy software like PC Tattletale or the truthspy spy app.  With PC Tattletale you simply put it on the computer they are reading their emails with.  PC Tattletale makes a simple movie that will show you every email they read and send.

PC Tattletale also has a powerful keystroke logger.  With the keylogger you will see the exact keystrokes they used to write and reply to emails.  But you can not see the emails they are reading.

email spying with PC Tattletale

PC Tattletale shows every email

That is why with PC Tattletale you need to see the video it makes too.  This gives you a unique way to see both sides of the conversion.

Tip:  The best spy software should record the keystrokes and make a video of screen shots.  This way you can see things they are not typing into the computer.

So when you are doing spying through email you will definitely see everything they are talking about.

If you can’t get access to their computer then email spying becomes much harder.  You literally have to break into their server (which holds the emails) and extract the emails from there.  That is honestly a lot harder and most of us just are not good enough with computers to do this sort of thing.

For most of us PC Tattletale is our best solution for email spying.  If you need to see what your employees are emailing out, or what your kids (or spouse) are talking about then PC Tattletale is perfect for you.