standard What is the Best Remote Keylogger?

In this article we will look at what you should look for in the best remote keylogger that really would make it the best.

Keyloggers are apps that secretly read keystrokes when you type them out.  A remote windows 10 keylogger will record these keystrokes and send them to a remote location where you can view them.

Typically you will use a keylogger to get passwords for someone’s email or their facebook account.  Why?  Most of the time it is because you think our spouse is cheating on you.  There are other cases where you are a parent and are concerned about your kids.  There are even other cases where you are thinking an employee is stealing from your or not being honest about their work.

Keyloggers exist for almost any kind of device.  In this article we will look at the best remote keylogger for a PC, Android, and iPhone.

How To Send a Key logger Through Email or Text Message

This is one of the most common questions we get over here at pcTattletale.  You want to send your spouse (or someone) a text message or email.  They click on it an magically the keylogger is installed.

As much as we would all love for remote keyloggers to work this way you have to know they just don’t work like this.

Microsoft, Google, and Apple thought a lot about security.  The last thing they want is a prime time story telling everyone that iPhone is not secure and can be hack via text messaging.

Here at pcTattletale we have spent thousands of hours making keyloggers. We know the Windows, Android, and iOS platforms quite well.  All of these platforms need a human to give the app access.  Only then are remote keyloggers possible.

Yes it is possible to send your spouse a text message.. Have them click it and install a suspicious app.  Then have them change the necessary security settings to enable the keylogger.  So although it is *possible* it is highly unlikely they would voluntarily do this.

How To Install A Remote Key logger

The right way to install a remote keylogger is to get physical access to their device.  Most keylogger are remote keyloggers.  They are not like the old keyloggers like Spector Pro that ran on the user’s device only.    If it’s android just wait until they are sleeping.  You will only need a few minutes to load the remote keylogger on their phone.  Same with Windows PCs.  Just wait until they are at work, school, or away for a few minutes.

TIP:  IF anyone ever tells you they can remotely install a keylogger VIA a text message or email make sure they have a money back policy and will honor it.  Otherwise do not waste your time.  It is likely a scam.

Best Remote Keylogger in 2022

best remote keylogger

remote keylogger

In 2022 the best remote keylogger needs to do a lot.  First of all it needs to be more than just a keylogger.  Why?  Because peole just don’t type very much anymore.  Head on over to Facebook right now.  Are you already signed in?  You will see lots of sites now keep you signed in to make things convenient so you use their services more.  This is bad news for keyloggers because the person you want to watch is not physically typing their password.  So what can you do?

The keylogger in 2022 needs to record a lot more than keystrokes.  It needs to give a complete view of what they are doing on their device.

The best remote keylogger also needs to be completely invisible to the person you are spying on.  Otherwise what is the point?  If they see it they will turn it off and you will get caught.  Not good.

PcTattletale is the best keylogger in 2022

PcTattletale does everything we mentioned above and more.  You need to know that you will need to have physical access to their device for a few minutes to load the app.  If it were possible to send text messages and have it work like that we would have done it that way.  It just doesn’t work like that.

Remote key logger for Windows PC

PcTattletale can be put on any windows PC.  You put it on their PC like any other software program.  You do not need to be the least bit technical to do it.

After you put pcTattletale on their PC you can see everything they do from our website (by signing into your secure account which only lets you view their recordings).  Unlike other apps pcTattletale makes YouTube like movies that show you them clicking around on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more.  It is like you are sitting over their shoulder watching them without them ever knowing.

The screen shot above shows you how pcTattletale works as a remote keylogger for pcs.  Notice how we show the keystrokes on top of the video.  That way when they sign into facebook you will see the password if they type it in.  If they are already signed in you can still see everything they do.

Remote Keylogger for Android

PcTattletlae also works on Android.  You do not need to root the Android device like most other solutions.  Rooting Android requires you lower the built in security and void the phones warranty.  You should AVOID any solution that asks you to do this.  Do not mess up their phone because you want to spy on them.

PcTattletale for Android is also very straight forward to put on their phone.  Anyone can do it and it only takes a few minutes.

After you put pcTattletlae on their Android device it works just like our Windows offering.  You just sign into the pcTattletale website and view the movies it makes.

PcTattletle for Android is extremely powerful.  You will see things like snapchat messages that were deleted because it made a video as they were sending it.  They will not be able to find it either.

Look at the screen shot above and you will see it looks a lot like our Windows offering.  You see simple YouTube like movies of everything they do on the device…. even if the app self deletes the messages.

We also give you a click chart that shows you how active they are on the device and when.  You might be surprised to find your daughter chatting it up at 3:00 am on a school night!

iPhone remote key logger

iPhone is a different animal all together.  Unfortunately you can’t make an app like pcTattletale and put it on iPhone without jail breaking  (jail breaking is just like rooting android).

The good news is iPhone gives us some amazing capabilities without ever needing to touch their phone.

PcTattletale for iPhone uses all that data that gets backed up into iCloud to get you things like Text Messages, phone call history, and more.  It even secretly turns their iPhone into an advanced GPS tracker without them ever knowing.

Let’s say the school says your daughter is skipping class.  She says they are lying.

Use pcTattletale to hook into her iPhone while she is at school (she will have not idea you just did this) then you can track everywhere she goes.  Watch her leave school at 1:00 and go to her friends house.  PcTattletale can record everywhere she went to up to a year.

Maybe she’s on her first date.  It’s late and she’s not home.  Would you want to know exactly where she is at?  PcTattletlae for iPhone makes it possible.

It also gets you every text message they EVER sent.  Even the ones from years ago.

iPhone Text messages spying

Best Remote Keylogger in 2022 – Try it FREE

don’t believe pcTattletale is the best remote keylogger in 2022?  Let us prove  it to you.  Go put it on your PC, Android, iPhone and try it absolute free.  Just head on over to the pcTattletale free download page.