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internet monitoring software

The prerequisite of internet monitoring software is so widespread today even families and businesses cannot do without implementing such tools. They use the software to check online activity of their kids at home or their employees at work.

Whenever your children are online you need to be conscious of all the risks they have today. There are many adult websites with aweful picture in them that you don’t want your kids seeing. The software allows you to track what your children are doing and who they are talking to online.

Some employees engage in non-business activities that can diminish their productivity at work, some of these activities can even have illegal implications. Installing an internet monitoring software on your employee’s computer will allow you to track their daily activities.

Easy-To-Use Internet Monitoring Software

So, what if you don’t have a monitoring software on your computer? You are not out of luck. You can easily download and install one. There are several internet monitoring software out there, including PC Tattletale, theTruthSpy, SpyAgent, WebWatcher, SniperSpy, Elite Keylogger and Refog Personal Monitor. They are used to silently track computer activity. But are they easy to use? How do you go about picking the one that is easy to use?

Most of the internet monitoring software are hard to use and install. That is why we’re passionate about providing the best internet monitoring software that is very easy to use. We made our own software solutions – PC Tattletale to be as easy as pie. PC Tattletale is easy to use and simple to install on any operating system.

Software like this might sound technical and intimidating to you, but with PC Tattletale it is surprisingly easy. There is no technical configuration to dabble with and you won’t need to struggle with settings on your computer. In actual fact, you don’t need any computer skills at all, it is as straightforward as using Candy Crush app. If you are looking for an internet monitoring software that is easy to use, you should give PC Tattletale a try. You can try it free.