standard Best Parental Spy Software 3 Important Factors

best parental spy software

what is the best parental spy software?

Want to know what is the best parental spy software? In this article I will share with you 3 things to look for to find the best parental spy software. Of course we would love for you to choose PC Tattletale Parental spy software. But whichever product you choose make sure it has these 3 features. Otherwise you will not be able to spy on your kids or employees activities effectively.

Top 3 Factors to Find the Best Parental Spy Software:

    1. Steathly – The best parental spy software should not be easily found on the computer. Once you put the parental spy software on their computer make sure they can’t see it. Look in the Windows Task manager. Make sure you can’t see it in the control panel in add remove programs. When you need to spy on your kids if they can see the spy software they will behave differently. You will miss your chance to view them “in the wild”. Behaving in ways you may not like.

    1. Beyond Keystrokes. Many parents think a simple keylogger would make the best parental spy software. That’s not the case. Why? Because Keyloggers no longer work as well as they once did. Most browsers already fill in your password. Your kids don’t need to type in their Facebook password for example. So a good keylogger can not capture it. Make sure you choice for the best parental spy software records activity other than just keystrokes. Ideally it should record the entire screen so you can see everything.
    2. Record In Private Browsing. Sneaky kids know they can use in-private browsing so you can not see their browsing history. Your choice for the best parental spy software should be able to get around this. Unfortunately most parental spy software applications can not do this. They do not show you the in-private browsing history of your kids. You are probably missing out on the most important information you need to know about your kids. I mean why are they hiding it by going in in-private browsing mode?

    As you can see there are a few simple things to look for when trying to find the best Parental spy software. If you want to try the best parental spy software (at least in our eyes) then download free trial of PC Tattletale. It is completely invisible. It does much more than record simple keystrokes. You will see every click. Even in in-private browsing mode.