standard Best Parental Control App for Android

best parental control app androidNo matter how much you try to stay quiet about it, the truth is, despite all the amazing stuff happening three, Internet is also a scary place. Trust us when we say, we’ve been in this industry for a good amount of time now. And you know that too. We’ve all been there while exploring internet, websites and content that can rattle even the strongest of hearts. Just imagine how it will affect a child’s delicate mind. Installing a parental control software only on a PC won’t do much, as we all know that computers aren’t the only device kids use to get online. Smartphones have become the most preferred device for everyone now, and thus, you’ll need the best parental control app android.

The need of best parental control app android

While you spend most of your time in office, doing the best you can to give your family the life they deserve; ensuring your kids’ safety from all the malicious content spread across the internet is important and difficult. And that’s not all, with so much stress and tension in our personal and professional lives, partner’s loyalty has also come under question. Now, we are not trying to scare you or anything, no. but we do know what’s happening around us, and it doesn’t hurt to make sure your life is going alright.  Nastiness lives just around the corner, and before you know it, you, or your loved one can become a victim.

And this is right where PC Tattletale saves the day. Not just meant for PCs, PC Tattletale also happens to be the best parental control app android phones. PC Tattletale is a complete internet safety solution designed for Android phones.

PCTattle – The need of best parental control app android

The first point that developers at PC Tattletale understand is that what works for a PC will not necessarily work for a mobile phone too. There are many differences: the operating systems are different, their platforms are different. So keeping your child’s and your spouse’s Android smartphone or tablet safe and secure will need something more than an off the shelf security software.

See, the first issue with the most of parental control software Android phones is that you’ll need to root your device to install them. This is where the whole game changes for you as a consumer. If you root in-warranty mobile phones, their manufacturers’ warranty lapses. This is not good if your phone faces any issue during its warranty period. Moreover, once you root your android phone, there’s no possibility for automatic updates, and we all know not keeping your system up to date brings along plenty of bugs and crashing application. The operating system also become unstable with time, and one fine day, you may wake up t realize your dear android phone isn’t working at all.

But not the PC Tattletale, no sir. You don’t need to root your android phone to install Pc Tattletale. So there’s no reason to worry about warranty, about system updates and everything else. Install PC Tattletale, the best parental control app android on your smartphone and say hi to peace of mind.