standard What to Look for in a Mobile Phone Tracker?

mobile phone trackerA Mobile Phone Tracker helps you trace a person’s activity on the mobile throughout the day without letting them get a hint about it. There are many in the market, some which are just casual ones and some that are worth the download.

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What are the uses of a Mobile Phone Tracker?

A Mobile Phone Tracker has many uses in many parts of a person’s life. It can be for any reason as well. For instance, you might be having a lot of doubts about your husband due to his daily late arrival from the office and his ignorance when you try to find out by talking to him. Moreover, it troubles you more when he doesn’t let you touch his phone anymore. Or, if your wife is the one cheating on you, and you want to be sure about it.  Learn more by reading: android spy apps for a cheating spouse . What do you do then? Also, you cannot always be sure and even depend on a third person to tell you the truth. That is where a mobile phone tracker can record every detail on the phone he uses.

Another reason why a mobile phone tracker is vital is when parents need to keep a check on what their child is doing. Are you having doubts that your child is under drugs, or maybe missing his/her classes? Get a proof against their actions with a mobile phone tracker. A company can also easily track the employee’s activities for security reasons. The police can also use it for security grounds, like to trace a person who is trying to run away after committing a crime of kidnapping someone or stealing someone’s property. But whatever is the reason, a mobile tracker is the best tool if you want to spy on someone.

Is Rooting or Jail-breaking Vital for using the Mobile Phone Tracker?

And if you are worried about rooting the phone or jail-breaking it before this can be done, Stop there! There is no need to root or jailbreak a phone always. To make this clear, rooting is when a user of a smartphone, tablet or any other device that runs on the Android system wants to get all the permission and rights for the Android phone. This is basically to overcome the limitations that have been put by the carriers or the hardware manufacturers on the device. For an iPhone, this process is called jail-breaking and the theory behind this is the same. This is done so that a person can easily track someone else device without them having a hint about i even if they are a cheating boyfriend. But is this necessary for all the mobile phone trackers? Not at all! pcTattletale is an App that lets you track a person’s device without the need of rooting or jail-breaking it.

What is the pcTattletale?

The pcTattletale is a Mobile Phone Tracker (spy app) that is developed and designed to basically monitor the activities of a person on the Computer, Smartphone and even the Tablets. It is intended to record every keystroke, tap and the clicks on the device it is installed on. It can be used on every Windows Computer, Kindle, Android Handsets and the iOS devices.

What makes it the best?

It is very easy to use this Mobile Phone Tracker App. At first, create an account with your email on it. Then download the app on the Wifi connected device (the one you want to track). Then sign in to view the recordings. Moreover, you would not need to jailbreak or root the device before installing it. Instead, if your device has been rooted, it means that the warranty from the manufacturers is invalid of your device. Furthermore, installing the device is very easy and takes only a few minutes, with nothing technical in it. To access the recording, you would need to login your account anywhere and easily view the up-to-the-minute recordings.

Doesn’t this App feel right, giving you the hopes to find out the truth? Stop wondering around the Internet & download the pcTattletale Activity Recorder and make things much easier? Visit to know more about the App today!