standard Keystroke Tracking Software That Really Works

that-really-worksThe importance of keystroke tracking software is enormous. A keystroke tracking software program is an effective internet monitoring tool used to capture everything typed into a computer. The software logs the keys struck on a computer keyboard. It is useful for those who want to track PC usage activities and get things like facebook passwords.

What kinds of Keystroke Tracking Software Really Work?

Keystroke tracking tools are generally installed on computers like any other software program. After installation the software runs hidden in the background.  It tracks every keystroke you type as you type it. PC Tattletale is a keystroke tracking tool used for collecting every keystroke on a PC. It records everything in a simple movie and puts the keystrokes right along side the movie.  That way you can see the screen they are looking at as they type in the keystrokes.

PC Tattletale records user interactions on the computer too.  This is similar to other popular keyloggers. The software is useful in both in offices and homes. It is an excellent choice for parents and employers looking to monitor their computers. If you are a parent or employer you can track computer use of your children or employees with PC Tattletale.

PC Tattletale is installed to run in invisible mode automatically after Windows starts. This means that your employees or children will have no idea that you are watching every click and keystroke. PC Tattletale works like you are using a camera to record your employee’s every activity.

It will take a video image of whatever they are doing on their computer screen and log it to the PC Tattletale website. You can sign into your PC Tattletale account to track and check all computer activities.

Why PC Tattletale?

Most keystroke tracking software logs keystrokes only. But, PC Tattletale does screen shots and records keystroke activity. You can also track this activity remotely. With PC Tattletale, you can keep your eye on your employee or children’s computer even if you are not available.  If you are looking for good a keylogging software give PC Tattletale a try. PC Tattletale is easy to download, install the software and you can be rest assured that your business can run smoothly by knowing what your employees are doing all day long.