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Are you thinking about trying out theTruthSpy app?  If so then you will definitely want to read this article about my  “TheTruthSpy Review” to learn more.  If you do not want to read this article then you can watch my video about theTruthSpy review in the video above.

What is TheTruthSpy App?

TheTruthSpy App is a spy app.  You use it just like you would use pcTattletale to spy on your spouse or kids.  The app runs invisibly in the background and you can see what they did from a remote location.  If you think your spouse is cheating on you or something is not *right* with your kids then the TheTruthSpy app may be perfect for you.

How Does TheTruthSpy Work?

You install TheTruthSpy app on their phone or tablet.  The app runs invisibly and you can see what they did.  You view their activity from TheTruthSpy website.


TheTruthSpy App iPhone Support

When I was doing my “TheTruthSpy Review” I was surprised to see they offered iPhone spying.  This really surprised me.  Why?  Because I decided to discontinue iPhone for pcTattletale a few months ago.  After looking at it a little deeper TheTruthSpy really does not offer iPhone monitoring either….

Let me explain.

When you look at TheTruthSpy’s website they quickly tell you that you need to jailbreak your iPhone.  I do not know about you but the idea of jailbreaking my iPhone just to try out their app was a little terrifying.  Does this mean anyone can now hack my iPhone?  But since I was doing theTruthSpy review I wanted to try it anyways.

The crew over at TheTruthSpy app does not want do the jailbreaking for you.  In fact they do not even want to tell you how to do it.  You are pretty much left on your own for  how to jailbreak your iPhone.  They do point you to a website to jailbreak the iPhone yourself:

But when you do this site you find out what you can’t jailbreak your iPhone:

Check your iPhone right now.  It is probably already running at least iOS 11 or 12.  That means theTruthSpy will not work for you or just about anyone else.  Apple is very good about getting people to update their phones.  Look at the chart below.  You will see less than 1 in 30 phones could use TheTruthSpy app on iPhone at the time of writing this article.


So the “Truth” is that TheTruthSpy app most likely will not work with anyone’s iPhone at this point.  I could not get it to work on my iPhone 6 or anyone else’s that I know of because they already upgraded to a new version of iOS.

It is safe to say that this solution just does not work anymore.


TheTruthSpy Android Support

Much like pcTattletale TheTruthSpy App does work on Android.  It has do with Android being a more open platform than Apple’s iOS.  You install TheTruthSpy app on their phone or tablet.  It runs invisibly and you can see who they talk to and what they did on the phone.  It will record their GPS location too.

In my TheTruthSpy review I found it works on almost all versions of Android which is a good thing.

The big take away is that you will need to be able to have physical possession of their phone and be able to unlock it to use TheTruthSpy app.


pcTattletale – A Better alternative?

The reason I wanted to do a TheTruthSpy review was to answer all the questions I get about how it compares to pcTattletale.  Both Apps are very similar but also have some differences.  I wanted to go over the biggest differences here.

TheTruthSpy Device Support

Since neither TheTruthSpy App or pcTattletale work on iPhone I would call them even here.  I could have left iPhone on the pcTattletale site even though it *could* still work for some people but I did not feel that was very honest.  TheTruthSpy app has left iPhone on their site knowing full well it will not work for hardly anyone anymore.

So the TruthSpy App really only supports Android devices.  pcTattletale works on both Android and Windows PCs.

How TheTruthSpy And pcTattletale Spy

TheTruthSpy app takes an approach of getting all the text messages, facebook conversations, etc and showing them to you in a list format.  This is nice because you can browse through all the different text message conversations.

pcTattletale takes a very different approach.  Instead it records exactly what they are doing on their screen.  Why is this important?  Because there are always new and unknown apps they are using.  TheTruthSpy is limited only to the apps they support.

Consider the new social app called “Tik Tok”

If your spouse is cheating on you with someone over Tik TOK you will never see it with TheTruthSpy app.  Why?  Because they do not support it.  TheTruthSpy app can only record the exact apps is was programmed to spy on.


But with pcTattletale you will see all those important conversations because it is recording their screen.  You see everything no matter what kind of browser or new app they decide to use next.

pcTattletale Live Monitoring

One neat feature of pcTattletale is that you can watch what they are doing on their phone in real time using pcTattletale Live Monitoring.  TheTruthSpy does not offer this.

Let’s say your spouse pulls away from you when a text message comes in.  They really do not want you to see it and go in the other room.  No problem.  Just open pcTattletale on YOUR PHONE and you can see what they are doing on their Phone in the next room.  Then you can watch them type out their chats just like you were sitting over their shoulder.

pcTattletale live monitoring theTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy Pricing

pcTattletale wins against TheTruthSpy on pricing. See the pricing chart below:

Notice the big difference when you start adding more devices too.  pcTattletale is much more affordable than TheTruthSpy App.  TheTruthSpy app would cost you $460 to monitor the same 3 devices you get with pcTattletale for $99.


Both pcTattletale and TheTruthSpy app do very similiar spying activities.  pcTattletale gives you the addition of spying on Windows PCs.  You also can use it on up to 3 devices at a cheaper price than 1 device on TheTruthSpy.

If you have been thinking of giving TheTruthSpy a try why not also give pcTattletale a try?  You might find pcTattletale is better suited for your needs and much more affordable too

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