standard How to Spy on a Computer: A Guide for non-Technical People

how to spy on a computerThere are several reasons you may need to learn to how to spy on a computer.

For example you may need to keep tabs on what your kids are doing with their internet time. Are they surfing inappropriate websites? Are they talking to any predators that are lurking on the world wide web?

If you are a business owner, you will need to check if your employees are productive when working on company time and do not waste their time surfing aimlessly. Or worse they are actually looking for new jobs or selling your company secrets using your internet connection!

Another valid reason to learn how to spy on a computer would be to check on spouse behavior. Is your girlfriend, or boyfriend, is really loyal to you, or are they cheating on you behind your backs.

How To Spy on A Computer

The best, and the easiest, way to spy on a computer is by using  keylogger software on the PC of interest. The keylogger software as its name indicates logs the keystrokes on the PC keyboard creating a record of the usage.

One common misconception among people that want to use a computer spying program – it needs a lot of technical expertise.

Not true.

PC Tattletale is one of the most advanced computer spy software available – not only it records the keystrokes, it also captures screen images as videos. This feature is especially useful, since most modern browsers remember a lot of information, and the users do not need to use the keyboard all that much.

And the best thing is – ANYONE can do it. If you have ever installed a simple PC software or an app, you can do it. The process is as easy as 1-2-3 – absolutely no technical expertise is needed. You just need to download PC Tattletale from our website, click a few buttons – and that’s it! Your computer spying program is ready to use.

Another great thing about PC Tattletale is that it is practically invisible. The software does not leave any traces on PC, and the subject would never know that their surfing is under observation.

Install on PC – Watch Everywhere

Once you have installed the PC spying software on the PC, you can start monitoring the computer activity anywhere, anytime. You can even watch the PC remotely, using your smartphone.

The best way to check out how easy it is to use PC Tattletale computer spying software? Just download it, and actually use it. You can try it FREE here.