standard SMS Spy App – See Every SMS Ever Sent!

sms spySometimes we feel that we need to know things that our spouse or children might be hiding from us. You may notice your child spending too much time on his or her cellphone. At the same time, you may even notice your spouse acting suspiciously with their mobile phone. Notice if they startle when you see them using it. Or you may even observe that they do not let you touch their phone. There are many software which you can install on a cell phone or any other gadget of a person to spy on them, but if you want to spy on someone’s SMS particularly then, in that case, there are many SMS spy applications that can spy on another person’s text messages.

Such applications are known to give you the information regarding what text message was being sent from the cell phone of your partner or child and to whom it is being sent. Here is a list of a few SMS spy applications that have great customer reviews and are well reputed in the market for spying software.

1- Pc Tattletale:

Considering all the best available option within the market, these facilities are available at All you have to do is make your account and install the app in the target person’s phone. Then you can follow the rest of the instructions mentioned on the website. It is considered as the most reliable one in the market. If you are planning to go for such a spying method, then PC Tattletale will give you all those facilities in just one app. Registration and other methods are quite easy, so there won’t be any confusing steps where you might decide to let it go.

2- Highster mobile

Hightster comes at a price of $69.99. It is quite reliable as it has high ratings. When it comes to spying on someone’s text messages as it has regular developers who are working on improving the app.

3- Trackmyphone spy:

With many other facilities like call recording, screen mirroring, video recording, etc., trackmyphone app lets a person spy on another person’s text messages. It is reliable to locate your phone. It is also helpful in tracking your phone if someone has stolen it. On top of that, it takes a picture of the thief and emails it to you. At the same time, it gives you information regarding the text messages that are being sent from the device. This app is currently in its initial stages, and it is developing further, but it does its job well.

4- XN spy (SMS spy):

This application doesn’t just spy on SMS; it also spies on other Instant Messenger conversations that the targeted person is having. Another important thing about this spy app is that it also consists of a GPS locator. It is best to locate family members as well as employees. This application doesn’t just help a person spy on another person’s SMS but can also spy on the call records, pictures, emails, as well as other conversations. It is quite a reliable application. One major drawback of this app is that this application asks for a monthly payment.