standard Cell Phone Tracker Apps- Ensuring Safety

cell phone trackerSometimes we end up in situations where we cannot get In touch with our precious ones. The reason can be anything. In such a case, our loved ones may get restless and need to know where we are. Let’s take the example of parents who are worried where their kid is, maybe the kid accidentally kept his phone on silent and couldn’t hear when the parents were calling. In such a situation you can use a cell phone tracker to track the person and know whether they are safe or not. Similarly, in the case of theft one may need such an app to track their phone because sometimes our phones contain important information.

The apps recommended here cannot be used for spying purposes and needs your explicit permission to send out your location:

1. Pc Tattletale:

The number one app in the market regarding tracking a cell phone is Pc Tattletale. On top of all that, imagine having one app in your gadget that does all these jobs for you. Such an app can be found at Moreover, it is the most reliable app in the market and makes sure you don’t go through multiple frustrating procedures to subscribe.

2. Glimpse:

Glimpse is by far the best GPS location tracking app. It is also the simplest in the list. It gives the user complete control of who can track them and how long they can track them for. The user also gets to set up a time interval. Glimpse is the perfect way for family and friends to track one another when the meetups are planned.

3. Life360 family locator:

This app is perfect for the family use. It lets the family members know the location of predefined spots. If you go for the premium version, you get unlimited usage. However, you can still use a 30-day free trial to see if the features suit you. The app includes the recent location history and among its unique features is a panic button. When pressed it send out your exact location to all the members of the family group. The subscription price is $5 per month, and yearly subscription is $50.

4. Geo Tracker:

Geo Tracker is the best GPS spy cell phone tracker for long distance travel. You can even record your exact trip tracks and share them with your friends and family. That way they can easily repeat the route that you took. Even when the application isn’t running in the background, your tracks will still record without problems. Above all, the best part of this application is the fact that data saves in GPX or KML format which means that you can use the data in Google maps or any other maps.

5. Lassy Project (cell phone tracker):

Lassy Project is a great initiative that aims to minimize the time to send out an alert about your missing child or family member. Furthermore, this app provides an image and a short description of a missing person on a real-time map.

6. find my kids footprints:

This app uses real-time GPS and locates your child automatically with his phone in case your child is traveling somewhere, you can confirm through this app that you child has arrived the destination. The data always saves for later review so that you know what your child was up to the whole day.