standard Cell Phone Spy App For Parents And Spouses

cell phone spyThree types of people often seek help from cell phone spy applications:

  • Worried and concerned spouse
  • Worried and concerned parents
  • Concerned Employers

Cell phone spy applications have multiple functions such as tracking a person through their GPA locator, taking screenshots of their activities on their phones without them knowing, recording their calls, contacts, video calls, and other activities. In short, such applications tell you all that is happening inside a cell phone or other personal gadget of another person.

It may seem unethical, but at the same time, it gives many people the mental peace they require. Legally, a person can only install such an application in someone’s gadget if they own the gadget. Suppose if you own your spouse’s phone, only then can you install this app, if you own the phone of your child then you may install it. For businesspeople, they can only legally install those apps in their employee’s phone if the phone is the company’s property. Otherwise, if a person gets caught using such an app on another person’s phone, then he or she may be sued.

Most of the apps are not visible and keep working in the background which is why it isn’t easy for the user to detect these apps.  See our new article Spy Phone App Download for installing spy apps on Android.  However, if the targeted person has an anti-spyware or an anti-virus installed on their phone or another gadget, they may be able to detect such an app.

There are many reasons and ways through which a cell phone spy can be used. Some of those ways are as following:

Call recording or real-time call listening:

Through this method, a person can listen to the calls of the targeted person in real-time. A person can also choose the option of selecting the call recording option so that calls are recorded for later reviews.

Video call recording or real-time video call viewing:

Through this method, you can either record or view the video calls in real time. This way a person can know who the target person is skyping or face timing with.

SMS and other instant message application spying:

Through this method, one can keep an eye and spy on text messages of a person. They can know the content of the message as well as the recipient of the message. In some cases, these apps send entire screenshots of the conversation to the concerned person. In other cases, the concerned person gets the entire conversations by email including all the messages previously sent.

Picture and video viewing from the gallery:

This gives the person access to the targeted person’s images and videos in the gallery.

Call records and SMS records: (cell phone spy)

This facility shares just the records and not the other details like the content of those calls and messages.

Location tracking Via GPS tracker:

Location tracking is available in almost all the mobile phone spying applications. This can be useful if your family member is not replying and picking calls, so you get concerned and need to track them.

All these facilities are available at as well where all you have to do is make your account and install the app in the target person’s phone. Then you can follow the rest of the instructions mentioned on the website. Considering all the other options available in the market, PC Tattletale is possible the best and affordable option.